The beta version of super light YouTube is here. The new app is called YouTube Go, and it is extremely data friendly. The beta version hit Google Play Store on Wednesday as promised by Google last year at an event in India.

Last year Google promised that it will bring such version which will let people share videos offline and also online using either Bluetooth or WiFi (or mobile data connection).

YouTube Go beta

Google Releases Light Version of YouTube: YouTube Go App

The Youtube Go app is very light and carries less than 10 MB, but it is meant to take more space in your smartphone once you start downloading the videos to watch them offline. You still have an option to download the videos either on microSD card or phone memory. There will be two video qualities for each video download; one will be basic (144p mostly), and the other is standard (360p mostly).

YouTube Go App Feature

Both these qualities are quite inferior to what 720p and 1080p we are getting right now. These video qualities will be extremely helpful for those devices who have smaller storage capacity and also runs on slower internet speeds. As expected there is no word on HD quality videos on YouTube Go. Because, it is designed especially for India, the app supports many Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, and Gujarati, etc.

The YouTube Go app is currently available in few sectors only, so if you are living in one of those sectors or you want to check whether you fall in that sector or not.

Download YouTube Go from here