Natural ingredients always make things different. Those natural beauties will compel you to look at things differently. Wooden cases made especially for your fabulous iPhone 7 Plus Phablet are the perfect example of it. Many people choose to give a natural look to their valued gadget, unlike others who still prefers the artificial looks.

For those who love nature and take the nature with them, we are offering ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus wooden cases. Here you will find different kinds of wooden cases right from the low-key ones to the high-end ones. All you need is to just go through the article and choose what suits you the best.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Cases

Best iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Cases


TENDLIN iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

Starting this list with a low-key wooden case offered by TENDLIN. Despite being low-key it will not let you unimpressive about it at all. Made from a high-quality wooden grain and also mixed with the TPU material. This combination will last long from any wear and tear. The interior is so soft that it will protect it from any scratch. The ultra-thin and one-piece design will make sure that it doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone 7 Plus. Apart from the fit design, it has precise cuts for your easy access to all the buttons. TENDIN offers four colors to choose from.

Price: $18.88 [$11.88 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#2. ROCK

ROCK iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

Another low-key wooden case but it is made from the best quality wood and also TPU rubber. The look is so natural but ROCK made it sure that it also has a professional touch as well. Despite having a low-key nature this wooden case also has the inbuilt magnetic metal plate, which will enable you to connect or remove your charger anytime. The cutouts are also precise so you will have easy access to all the buttons and ports. ROCK offers three color choice.

Price: $12.99
Buy it from

#3. ZenNutt

ZenNutt iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

This wooden case actually a fine definition of what a wooden case should be. It is made out of 100% natural wood and with its slim-fit design it will only add a huge value to the looks of your favorite iPhone 7 Plus. The product is also offering long lasting sturdiness which always a safeguard against any occasional bumps or drops. ZenNutt is available in two different designs, Rosewood and Cross. The company also offers a lifetime warranty.

Price: $7.99
Buy it from


FLOVEME iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

FLOVEME has specially designed a wooden series for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and this wooden case is the one from that series. Made from high-quality wood grain and by hands, this wooden case has an extraordinary finishing. This wooden case guarantees long lasting quality and promises to remain the perfect partner for your Phablet. There will be absolutely no problem in installing or removing this case. You can pick your choice from ten attractive colors offered by FLOVEME.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from

#5. GolemGuard

GolemGuard iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

The wooden case offered by GolemGuard is ultra-thin but make no mistake about its ability to protect your valued iPhone 7 Plus. The best part of this wooden case is that it had dual layers of wood and TPU rubber but yet it is able to maintain the sleek look. The TPU rubber used in this wooden case is incredibly soft and it will save your Phablet from any bumps and will always protect it from shocks. The design will give your phone a professional look and you can choose from four colors as well.

Price: $19.99
Buy it from

#6. NeWisdom

NeWisdom iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

If you are a high-end user then NeWisdom has the answer for your kinda wooden case. It is made from the real wood and mixed with soft TPU. It looks rich but that is not it, it also guarantees shock proof technology. The cuts made for this case are really precise and one can easily say that the buttons will remain responsive and easy to press always if you chose this case to be a partner of your beloved iPhone 7 Plus. The wooden outer and TPU soft rubber inner will make sure that your phone will remain scratch-free always.

Price: $25.59 [$15.59 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from


SALER LEE iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

If you have decided to give your iPhone 7 Plus a super profile then just give a look to this wooden case offered by SALER LEE. It is another handmade wooden case of natural wood and plastic. Slim design also adds zero weight to your smartphone and it is capable of protecting your beloved iPhone 7 Plus from any accidental drops or bumps. The cover offers simple installation and removal as well. With eight different patterns and colors, you got plenty of options on hand to choose from.

Price: $13.99
Buy it from

#8. Slicoo

Slicoo iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

Probably the most attractive and high-end wooden case in this list has been offered by Silicoo. Despite being an eye-catcher the design also has its simplicity and natural charm and which can complement your iPhone 7 Plus with perfection. Made from superior quality natural wood and soft TPU rubber the eco-friendly plastic will also make sure that it remains strong and lasts long. On the back, this case has a V-shaped color contrast which makes this case a must buy for any iPhone 7 Plus holder. The case is sure to protect your phone from any scratch or bumps. The company offers three different colors to choose from.

Price: $32.99 [$12.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#9. CoCo

CoCo iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

This wooden case is made from real wood bamboo and it really looking elegant. The entire case has been cut by laser and then it was engraved again hence it has the much-needed precision. The slender design of this wooden case will help the lightweight and will also look cool on your iPhone 7 Plus as well. The bamboo wood used in this wooden case itself will make sure that your phone will remain safe from any bumps or drops. CoCo offers three unique colors for this case.

Price: $12.99
Buy it from


YFWOOD iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

This wooden case offers sturdy construction which you always want to have. Made from a hard PC and natural wood this wooden case offers a compact design as well. The best part of this wooden case offered by YFWOOD is its attractive pattern which will surely lure you to buy it without thinking much. But even if you made your decision by that way then too you need to worry about the protection this case offers.

Price: $11.98
Buy it from

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So, this is it. We have tried our best to bring you the best iPhone 7 Plus wooden cases. Now it’s your turn to choose the one which suits you the best according to you. We are waiting to know which wooden case you have chosen from above. You can drop-in again here and tell us about your pick in comments and also on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.