Since the arrival of Windows 10 upgrade, people have been finding lots of errors. Among all issues, Windows 10 stuck in airplane mode is one of the frustrating error that shows up in a laptop and Surface Pro. Those who have installed Windows 10 Creators Update are persisting receiving the automatic turning on airplane mode which can turn off computer’s Wi-Fi and other wireless networks. In this post, we are going to show you few methods to fix Windows 10 stuck in airplane mode error.

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Windows 10 update has always been surrounding with a number of problems like “something happened,” “USB Device Not Recognized,” “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine“, and other. Likewise, “Windows 10 airplane mode keeps turning on”, “Windows 10 airplane mode desktop”, and “Windows 10 airplane mode stuck on” are mostly asked questions by Windows 10 users on various forums. If you have not found any solution yet then, you can follow below tips and tricks to get rid of Windows 10 airplane mode turn on and off problem.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane ModeHow to Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10

Solution #1: Update Network Adapter Driver

The first thing is you should update the network adapter drivers to the latest update version. Because most of the problem can be solved by just this simple updates of the system and drivers. Hence, here we are going to update the network adapter drivers.

Step #1. Press Windows + X key simultaneously and select Device Manager.

Open Device Manager in Windows 10Step #2. Next, double-click on Network Adaptor.

Double-click on Network Adaptor in Windows 10 PCStep #3. Right-click in the first adaptor under Network Adaptor and select “Update Driver Software….” And then ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and wait for windows to find and install new drivers.

Right Click and then Click on Update DriverClick on Search automatically on Windows 10

Step #4. Repeat the process for the next Network Adapter if there are more.

Step #5. Now, restart your computer and check the problem vanishes.

Solution #2: Change Network Adapter Properties

Step #1. Press Windows + X key at simultaneously and select Device Manager.

Step #2. Next up, double-click on Network Adapter.

Double-click on Network Adaptor in Windows 10 PCStep #3. Double-click on wireless modem from the list and select Properties.

Double Click on Wireless LAN in Windows 10 PC

Step #4. Once the Properties opened, Select Power Management and the uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” to quickly turn on or off Wi-Fi or airplane mode.”

Click on Power Management and Click to Allow on Box in Windows 10

Step #5. Finally, hit the Ok button.

Click on OK in Windows 10Solution #3: Check the Physical toggle on your laptop or surface pro

Normally, some of the laptops come with the physical button that we use to quickly turn ON or Off Wi-Fi or airplane mode. Hence, sometimes unintentionally people switch the toggle and turn the airplane mode ON. But they don’t have any idea about it. Thus, if you are stuck at airplane mode in Windows 10 then, you should check the toggle is turned on or off.

Solution #4: Check Airplane Mode related settings

Windows 10 Airplane Mode in Windows Settings

Step #1. Click on Start Button and select Settings.

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Open Settings in Windows 10Step #2. Select Network & Internet.

Click on Network & Internet Under Windows 10 SettingsStep #3. Click on Airplane mode.

Click on Airplane Mode Option in Windows 10Step #4. Now, Turn it ON or OFF.

Turn ON or OFF Airplane Mode in Windows 10Windows 10 Airplane Mode in Action Center

Step #1. Press Windows + A key at same time to launch Action Center.

Step #2. Check, if the Airplay Mode icon is ON then, click on it to turn it off.

Go to Action Center and Check Airplane mode ON or OFFSolution #5: Disable Non-Microsoft Services

Sometimes, some Non-Microsoft services can harm the Windows 10 update feature and the airplane mode one of them. Thus, you need to disable some
Non-Microsoft settings to fix the Windows 10 stuck airplane modem issue.

Step #1. Press Windows Key + R key at the simultaneously to open RUN.

Step #2. Type “msconfig” into the RUN box and hit the enter key.

Open Run command and write msconfig in Windows 10Step #3. Choose Service tab and check “Hide all Microsoft services.”

Click on Services and Tick Mark the Hide all microsoft services in Windows 10Step #4. Next, click on “Disable All” and hit Apply.

Click on Disable all in Windows 10Step #5. Now, select Startup and then click on Open Task Manager.

Go to Startup and Click on Open Task Manager in Windows 10Step #6. Here, disable all startup items that are enabled.

Click on Disable in Window 10Once you followed this step, just reboot your system and re-enabled the services again.

Solution #6: Update Driver through Windows Update

After following all above solutions, if you are still struggling with the same issue then you can update your Windows system and install the latest driver. Here’s how to do it.

Step #1. Enter Windows Update in the Windows search box.

Step #2. Select Windows Update Settings.

Open Windows Update Settings in Windows 10Step #3. In the right panel of the Windows Updates, click on “Check for update”.

Go to Windows update and update the WindowsStep #4. If you found any update then install it and restart your computer. You won’t see the error again.

Solution #7: Change Windows 10 Registry

Step #1. Press Windows + R key at the simultaneously to open RUN.

Step #2. Type “regedit” into the RUN box and hit the enter key.

Step #3. Now, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class and find Radioenable and modify the value to 1.

Step #4. That’s it! Now, restart your PC.

Well, these were some tips and tricks can help to get rid of Windows 10 stuck in airplane mode error. While performing these actions, if you meet any problem then you can ask your questions in the comments.