Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Very less people know that using the Keyboard shortcuts available for Windows 10 can actually save hell lot of a time. But there are many who are using these keyboard shortcuts for a while. The latest version of the Windows, Windows 10 has brought its own set of interesting shortcuts which are equally useful.

So let us know about each of the Keyboard shortcuts Windows are allowing to reduce the time of your work when you are on your PC or on your laptop.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Use Important Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

    1. Snap the window to the top → Win key + Up Arrow
    2. Snap the window to the bottom → Win key + Down Arrow
    3. Snap the window to the right → Win key + Right Arrow
    4. Snap the window to the left → Win key + Left Arrow
    5. To Open settings (not control panel) → Win Key + I
    6. To Open Ease of Access → Win key + U
    7. To launch action center → Win key + A
    8. To shows desktop → Win key + D
    9. To manage opened windows → Win key + Tab
    10. To opens Cortana → Win key + S
    11. To select the current URL in the address bar → Ctrl + L
    12. To add .com at the end → Ctrl + Enter
    13. Just Switch between opened tabs → Ctrl + Tab
    14. To Bookmark the current web page → Ctrl + D
    15. To open a new tab → Ctrl + T
    16. To create new virtual desktop → Win key + Ctrl+ D
    17. To switch between available virtual desktops → Win key + Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow
    18. To close the current virtual desktop → Win key + Ctrl + F4
    19. To select the entire text available on the window → Ctrl + A
    20. To copy the selected text → Ctrl + Insert
    21. To paste the copied text → Shift + Insert
    22. To close the window → Alt + F4

Now let’s take a look at a few common Windows shortcuts

  1. To switch between Windows → Alt + Tab
  2. To take a screenshot and copies to the clipboard → Alt + PrtScr
  3. To saves the screenshot to the Screenshots directory in the Pictures folder → Win key + PrtScr
  4. To lock the desktop → Win key + L
  5. To open power options → Alt+ F4 at desktop
  6. To open the Windows Explorer → Win key + E
  7. To open the right- click context menu of the Start button → Win key + X

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