Last year when Windows stopped their free upgrade on Windows 10 OS, millions of Windows 10 users started getting free updates for their OS. On one side it was fantastic news, but on the other hand, this freebie brought some problems as well.

One of such bad news or a problem among those was Windows 10 or Computer not Recognizing Android phone. In a simple understanding, this means that you can’t copy files from your Windows 10 PC to the Android smartphone and also the other way around. But don’t worry we got some easy solutions for this problem as well.

Windows 10/Computer Not Recognizing Android Phone? Solutions to fix the Issue

Solution #1: Checking USB Settings on Your Computer

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on more.

Step #2. Tap on ‘Tethering & Portable hotspot’ option.

Step #3. Tap on ‘USB tethering’ and choose Media device (MTP).

Step #4. Now connect your Android device with your Computer.

In most cases, this much process is enough to recognize your Android device with Computer/Windows 10. You may have to go through few more steps according to the instrument you are using, but this should solve the problem. If the problem remains the same way it was till now, then check the next solution.

Solution #2: Installing MTP USB Driver

Step #1. Click on Windows logo key + X on your Windows 10 or Computer and then select ‘Device Manager’ from the menu.

Step #2. Once you locate your Android smartphone, right click on it and then click on ‘Update Driver Software.’

Step #3. Out of two options in front of you, click on ‘Browse y computer for driver software’ option.

Step #4. Now choose ‘let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’

Step #5. Select MTP USB Device and then Click on ‘Next.’

Let the installation process gets over and then your Windows 10/Computer will be able to recognize your Android smartphone.

Solution #3: Get Media Feature Pack

Some Windows 10 OS versions don’t have the MTP protocol which associates with the Windows Media Player (WMP), and that is why your smartphone might be facing trouble from Windows. So you need to download Media Feature Pack from here and make sure that you install both N and KN versions of the Windows 10.

Solution #4: Check the Data Cable

In many cases, old data cables stop working unceremoniously and hence the disconnection makes Windows 10 or Computer not recognizing your Android phone. There are few cables which only enable power supply for charging they look just like data cables. So in both the cases, we advise you to try a different cable then what you are using right now. This change might do the trick.

Solution #5: Uninstall all Android Drivers

In few cases, Android drivers on Windows 10/Computer are not of the latest version and hence they might be creating problems. So, the best idea is to uninstall those Android drivers, and that might fix the problem we are having.

Step #1. Connect your Android device to the Computer and click on ‘Device Manager.’

Step #2. Locate your device and when you able to locate it (under Other Devices or Portable Devices options) just right-click on it and select Uninstall.

Step #3. Now disconnect your Android phone from Windows 10/Computer and reconnect and then reinstall those drivers again.

We are sure that one of these solutions should work for you to clear the Windows 10/Computer not recognize Android phone problem. You may also check our tutorial on how to fix a corrupted USB flash drive/pen in Windows 10. Share your views on this tutorial here in the comments section.