12 Biggest Reasons Why Google Allo will Kill WhatsApp

With more than 1,000 million active users, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app in the world. However, with the introduction of “Google Allo”, the Facebook-owned messaging app has got the biggest challenger that can not only give it a run for its money but even beat it with √©lan. So, what makes “Allo” standout?

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There are several interesting features that set Allo apart from the rest. With the huge take-off, the hot messaging app has showed ample signs that make it crystal clear that it is going to outnumber WhatsApp.

Though comparing a just-week-old beginner with a veteran is not fair, it would be great to foresee the future based on what these two contenders have to offer. Let’s straight drive to weigh the reasons why Allo has what it takes to be the best in the business!

12 Biggest Reasons Why Google Allo will Kill WhatsApp

11 Biggest Reasons Why Google Allo will Kill WhatsApp

Smart Replies

Allo has an excellent feature called Smart Replies. It allows you to reply to any message instantly. As for instance, if your friend invites you for movies, it will show up a couple of lines of text to let you accept or refuse the invite. It’s very helpful as it not only saves time but also allows you to communicate with ease.

Incredible Google Assistant

Allo is powered by Google Assistant. Using this virtual assistant, you can instantly find things like famous restaurants, book flight ticket, ask it to give you an amazing game to play right from inside the app. Needless to quit the message app and hover around when you can get all these stuff with optimum ease!

More Freedom

Allo features an incognito mode which has been designed to let you communicate with more privacy. The best thing about this mode is that your messages won’t be recorded. Better still, you can set the time for your sent message to get expired. Once you close Incognito Mode, your private chats are cleaned up automatically.

In our personal life, we have some very close friends with whom we communicate more freely-without being bound by any rules or laws. Thanks to this private mode, you will enjoy chatting with your friends without being worried about your secrets being exposed.

Upload Images and Videos Faster

Allo uploads images and videos a lot faster than WhatsApp thanks to the superb ability to compress them. Hence, if you want to share a funny video or a high-resolution image with your friend, you won’t get stuck at uploading. To me, it’s a very significant feature.

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Fantastic Messaging Experience

Google Allo has a cool feature called Whisper-Shout, which lets you to resize text by dragging up and down on the screen. You can also draw on images. It’s exactly something you would want to spice up your messaging experience.

Picture Recognition

Thanks to the ‘photo recognition’ technology, Allo quickly recognizes a photo which you receive and offers a befitting reply. As for instance, if your friend sends you a pic of his/her dog, it will suggest a fitting response like “Vow.. That’s cool!”

Supremely Advanced

In terms of features, Allo is easily the best in the business. No other messaging app is so user-friendly as it. The ability to let you search right inside the app or communicate with more privacy makes it superior. Moreover, it understands the psyche of a better messaging experience.

Google Branding

The power of Google not only makes Allo most versatile but also more trustworthy. With the years of unmatched expertise, the tech giant is more equipped. Though Facebook has also become very popular, it’s still a no match with the excellence of Google.

WhatsApp Lacks Smart Features

With all the due respect to the massive popularity, WhatsApp has never charmed me. It lacks the x-factor that makes you fall in love with any app. At times, I feel that the messaging app has reached a stage where it has no idea about the future course of action.

Facebook’s Botched-Up Strategy

Facebook’s latest suicidal decision to play with the data of WhatsApp users has further dented its reputation. We all know how hungry this social networking giant is for your personal information. As a result, users have become very concerned about their privacy. It’s this escalating privacy concern that will seriously harm WhatsApp in the long run.

Google-The Synonymous of Trust

Google has been a trustworthy company for years. It’s this trust coupled with the ultra-modern technology that will put Allo at the top in coming years.

What’s Your Verdict?

I know the journey of Allo has just started off. And it will take quite a few years of adorable performance as well as a trust to reach atop. However, going by the unprecedented response by the users, it can be safely said that it has set off in the right direction.

As a user, what do you think of Allo and WhatsApp? Can the former take away the numero-uno position from the latter?

If you haven’t yet give Allo a shot on your smartphone, install this new messaging app and use its defining features for a few days before coming with a more convincing conclusion.

We would be very happy to know your feedback in the comments below or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.

  • Alan Carratala

    I love allo. I can definitely see it replace WhatsApp sometime in the future, but not any time soon. I have friends and family in Mexico who use WhatsApp to text everyone in their contacts. In order to get all of those people to switch from WhatsApp to allo, Google will need massive advertisements in the foreign areas such as Mexico and India. They’ve just gotten so used to whatsapp that i don’t think they’ll be willing to let go. Nonetheless, Google is capable of such advertising, and i wouldn’t be surprised if my Mexican friends begin hitting me up on allo. All in all, allo is awesome in everything it does, i just wish i could use it to send standard sms.

    • Agree with you about Google Allo with replacing popular messaging app in the future. Even in India, many of my friends, have started chit chatting on Google Allo and asking so many things to Google Assistance to find something nearby to us.

      I hope soon this will happen in Maxico.

  • I think Google will introduce few more features very soon into Google Allo, and this app will surly beat the traditional messeging app.

  • Just like God knows, this only Google Knows.

    We can pray to Google to add this feature in Google Allo. And I hope Google will listen to its devotees.

  • MC Wong

    allo will take off once it’s bundled into Gapps and made available to more than a billion devices. This will encourage iphones users to download it