Since WhatsApp has added video calling function within the app, many people around the world have enjoyed video chat with their loved one. Even many have used WhatsApp in PiP mode on Android Oreo to continue video calling while doing some other stuff. But, Unfortunately, WhatsApp video calling not working on Android devices. That’s gloomy!

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Many users from around the world have reported different problems. For instance, “WhatsApp video call connecting problem,” “WhatsApp video call can’t see another person”, “WhatsApp video call camera not working” “WhatsApp video call black screen” or “WhatsApp video call can’t hear me.” Whatever is your problem? Here we have come with the tested solutions to fix the WhatsApp video calling issue on Android!

WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on Android

How to Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working issue on Android

Solution #1. Check Your Internet Connection

Whether you are using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, WhatsApp video call won’t work on your phone if you are using poor internet connection. So, try to switch your internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, then try to switch to your cellular data connection and vice versa. You also need to make sure that another person has a stable or strong internet connection. Hence, you should make it sure first to have good internet connection while making WhatsApp video calls. You can also turn off and on a data connection to do video calls efficiently.

Solution #2. Avoid Other Stuff While You Are on Video Call

For example, you are in a video call and suddenly receive any message. If you open that new message while you are in a video call, then the video call will automatically turn pause. And your friend will get video pause message on his or her screen. So, try to ignore other tasks while you are on WhatsApp video call.

Solution #3. Clear WhatsApp Caches and Data

Sometimes temporary gathered caches and data might affect the performance of the app and block specific functions. Well, there is no doubt that WhatsApp uses more space and stock larger temp files. Hence, an extensive amount of caches and data may create WhatsApp video call connection problem. So, open Settings → Apps → All Apps → WhatsApp → Storage → Clear Caches and Data.

Clear WhatsApp Caches and Data on Android

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Solution #4. Try to Re-install or Update the App

WhatsApp has integrated video calling feature on Android version 4.1 and the App version 2.16.318. So, if your phone’s operating system is not supported this feature, then it won’t work on your device. In a case, if you can’t video calling option on WhatsApp then try to re-install or update your WhatsApp. And also, make it sure that you have to install WhatsApp version 2.16.318 or later on your Android phone to use video calling.

Solution #5. Reboot or Restart your Android device

After making all efforts, if WhatsApp video calls still not working on your Android phone, then our next suggestion is to try to reboot or restart your device. Rebooting and restarting make the device free from some mess and clear all unwanted to apps and make the device fresh and improved. So, try to reboot or restart and then again try to make WhatsApp video call after few minutes.

Solution #6. Contact WhatsApp Support Team

Even after trying methods mentioned above to solve WhatsApp video calling problem, if you couldn’t be able to fix the issue, then your last hope is WhatsApp support team. For sure you can send your problem direct to WhatsApp team and then they will solve your problem as soon as they could. So, you simply contact WhatsApp support team by heading WhatsApp setting → Help → Contact Us and there you can describe your problem and add a screenshot of the problem as well and send it to the WhatsApp team.

Contact WhatsApp Support Team Via Android WhatsApp

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Well, we have tried our best to give every possible way to fix WhatsApp video calling issue. Hope these methods worked for you. Do you have any other solution? Please do share with us here in a comment or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to help others.