It seems that WhatsApp in a hurry to make changes in its interface and adding few more features as well. Just recently WhatsApp added lookalikes of Snapchat and Instagram Stories in new ‘Status’ update and now the news is that WhatsApp users will soon have different buttons for making video and voice calls. Not only will this but now the attachment icon also finds a new place in your WhatsApp app.

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Currently, work is going on, on WhatsApp’s beta 2.17.93 version to make a separation between voice and video calling button. This update seems to be a small move from WhatsApp but it can have significant results and can be very helpful to users who do not want to spend more on video calling. It will be a lot easier to attach a file and send with the upcoming changes in WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp Update on Separate Video and Audio Calling Buttons and Relocated Attachment Icon

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The new attachment icon will be in the text box itself, which currently you can find on the top of your chat window. This change will make the process of attachment faster than now, as the user doesn’t need to move up and down again and again to attach a file. Once he taps on the attachment icon, the remainder of the process remains the same.

WhatsApp Beta Testing on Video and Audio Callings and also Relocated Attachment

The space emptied by attachment icon at the top will now be taken by the new and separate video calling icon. As of now, the user can see only one calling icon, and after tapping it, he has to choose from a voice call and video call options. Now the user has a right choice with all new video and voice calling buttons right at the top of the screen.

As always it will take some time for WhatsApp to roll out these two new features to all its users once this beta testing ends successfully. If you are excited and want to join the beta tester right now, then you need to join WhatsApp’s beta testing program by clicking on the link below.

Become A WhatsApp BETA Tester