WhatsApp is planning a major change in its strategy, and we may see its first such step towards it very soon. Currently, WhatsApp is testing an update which is purely for small business owners who have around ten employees but lot many clients will get the benefits of this update as per latest reports we hear now.

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What makes this news even more interesting is that the current update on which WhatsApp is working is strictly India-centric only. India has already crossed a huge milestone of having over 200 million users in India which are about 15% of WhatsApp’s total client strength. Interestingly no other country has such a huge presence of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Business

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A company spokesperson reacted to this development by saying, “We build every WhatsApp feature to be simple, reliable, and secure, and this vision is in line with what Digital India promises to achieve. We will continue to invest so we can help more people across India, and we hope to contribute more to India’s vision for digital commerce in the future.”

A country like India who sent massive 14 billion messages over WhatsApp on the New Year’s Eve alone, what exactly WhatsApp is planning about is still an unknown quantity. But, one thing is sure that the new update will not be free. WhatsApp has been ad-free and subscription-free since its inception, and now this new business-centric update can be the first of its kind for the company as well.

Once this new feature tastes success in India, Indonesia and Brazil could be the next targets for WhatsApp, the lead what we are getting from the insiders. Maybe in future, we might see WhatsApp enters the biggest markets like the USA and the UK, but then it will face its biggest challenge in the same category as Slack and Skype are still popular in both those markets.

Just a few days back WhatsApp updated the app with a new Status feature which was similar to Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories. People have not accepted this new feature with enthusiasm so one can feel that WhatsApp will do everything to ensure that its new step hits the bull’s-eye.