Now no more sorry messages needed for those messages which you send by a mistake because WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature which will allow you to revoke such messages. Yes, once this testing is over one can easily revoke the message even after it is sent. Right now this testing is going on, on the beta version of WhatsApp

Recently WhatsApp brought another great feature on iPhone that is to send message offline and now this new feature will be added soon. WABetaInfo who tracks latest WhatsApp developments has tweeted today about this latest feature but it is yet to know how much time a user has to revoke the message once it is sent, but it looks like one can revoke the sent message before it get delivered to the recipient or viewed by the recipient.

WhatsApp Brings New Feature Called Revoke to Recall Messages Sent by Mistake

The reason to believe above is that in the beta version till there is a single tick, which means the message is undelivered the ‘Revoke’ button is visible but once it has two ticks, which means the message is delivered and the receiving user has been notified then the option of Revoke is not visible. So, one still needs to be careful before sending an important or sensitive message.

Another new feature expected soon on WhatsApp is a real-time location feature. Now the user can decide for how long he wishes to keep the real-time location viewer on. The options he has is between 1 minutes till indefinitely.

It is not necessary that WhatsApp may deliver these two new features for regular users but Revoking messages will certainly be welcome by a large number of its users for sure.

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