Since months now, WhatsApp users were urging WhatsApp to allow them to send GIF videos to their friends. Till now WhatsApp was not willing to give this feature to its users for various reasons. But if you have noticed there was already a GIF folder in the WhatsApp directory in your mobile and that means that WhatsApp was already of the thought that there will be a day when they have to update this messenger allowing GIF videos and finally that day has arrived.

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WhatsApp Android is all set to get updated with a support on sharing animated GIF images or sharing a short video as a GIF image.

WhatsApp Finally Rolled out GIF Video Feature for Android Users

The first and foremost condition for this new feature is that the GIF image or the video should only be six seconds long and will be available only on the beta versions 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 only. The latest beta version of WhatsApp though is available on Google Play Store. Before you get excited to use this new feature, let us tell you that it is not going to be easy to use this feature as it sounds and here is why.

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The WhatsApp user can’t share GIF images from their mobiles till now, nor they can send a link of such image which can be open in a browser. After this fresh update, they have to convert their newly recorded video into a GIF file and then they can send it to friends. The procedure to send a GIF video is also bit clumsy, because first, you need to record a fresh video which should only be 6 seconds long. Then you can attach the video for sending right from the attachment option given. But before sending it you need to trim your video to six seconds and your trimming video screen will appear with a camcorder icon. Over here you need to convert your video to a GIF image.

Yes, you may trim your older videos too but it can be trimmed via WhatsApp’s inbuilt trimmer only. The camcorder icon won’t be appearing in the videos which are longer than six seconds. One more drawback about this new feature is that these videos will be saved as soundless .mp4 videos and they will be automatically start playing within the chat window. The GIF videos sent or received will be saved in WhatsApp → Media → WhatsApp Animated GIF folder as well. The receiver of the GIF video will then receive a special notification for this.

It was first learnt that the GIF video feature will first be introduced on iOS but now this feature has been first introduced to Android users and there is no confirmation on when the iOS users can start enjoying this feature. Right now WhatsApp is giving only limited function to the GIF image but we can only hope that in future we can send GIF images with full support.

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