So you have planned to sell your old Android phone. Why not? You have got the latest OnePlus 6, which is one of the best Android phones today in the world. But what will you do with your old Android phone? Are you going to dump the phone somewhere? Want to gift somebody? Or you want to sell that old Android thingummy? I think the last option is more suitable as you don’t want to contribute to electronic waste, and gifting the old phone is a breach of social etiquette. But what to do before selling your old Android phone?

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Well, you need to take some action to make your Android phone saleable. You cannot just sell it to any of your friend, family, or colleague. This article aims to inform you about some essential actions you must take before you get rid of your Android device.

What To Do Before Selling Your Old Android Phone

7 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Android Phone

#1. Backup your phone

Your data is extremely private, and you should have access to your photos, files, documents, videos, audios, and more. Why should a stranger watch your family photos? And this is the reason why you should take your phone’s backup first, and then sell it out.

Backup your Old Android phone

Your Google account will play a crucial role here. You can take backup of your Android phone to Google Drive. This makes it easier for you to restore the backup on your new Android phone.

Text messages are also important data for you. You can backup SMS or text messages from your old Android phone to Gmail. This will enable you to store your messages for a long time on your Gmail. Moreover, you can easily share your text messages with anybody, including yourself.

And finally, don’t forget to export your contacts. The easiest way is to export your Android contacts to Excel (CSV file).

Alternatively, you can use Backup and Reset option from the Settings of your Android device. This option is normally seen under System section in the Settings of any Android device. You need to make sure that your data has been recovered from your Android phone.

#2. Remove SIM card/SD card

Remove SIM card or SD card

Remember, the above method will only take a backup of your phone data. But what about the date you have stored in SIM and SD card? Simply remove your SIM card (which you can install in your new Android phone), and also take the SD card. Probably, you must have stored your favorite movies, songs, photos, videos and more on your SD card.

#3. Unlock your phone

Unlock Your phone

For security reasons, you have set a password, passcode, or pattern on your Android device. Before you sell your phone, you need to remove this restriction so the new user can easily open the phone and use it. Some users set up face unlock on Android phones; they should remove this restriction immediately from their Android phones.

Apart from the screen lock, you should also remove locks you have set on particular apps like WhatsApp.

#4. Turn off Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Turn off Factory Reset Protection

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For your data security, you have turned on Factory Reset Protection so that a thief or any other person cannot perform a factory reset on your Android phone. However, when you have decided to sell your phone, you should disable this Factory Reset Protection on your Android phone.

You can deactivate FRP by removing your Google account from your old Android phone.

Step #1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Open Settings on Android Oreo Running Phone

Step #2. Now tap on Account from under Personal section.

Tap on Accounts in Android Settings

Note: I am using my OnePlus 3 running Android Oreo 8.0.

You will see a list of accounts you have synced with your Android phone. You need to tap on Google from the Account list.

Tap on Google Under Android Accouts Settings

Step #3. Here, you will see different Google services synced with the account.

Step #4. Tap on the menu button (three vertical dots) and then tap on Remove account option.

Tap on Remove Account on Android

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your action; tap on REMOVE ACCOUNT button.

#5. Erase your data

Erase your data

Once you disable Factory Reset Protection, you should erase data from your Android phone. The process is simple, and you can perform it on your phone without using physical buttons.

Step #1. Launch Settings.

Step #2. Scroll down and find System; tap on it.


Step #3. Now tap on Reset option.

In some Android phones, there is ‘Backup and Reset’ option.

Step #4. Finally, tap on Factory Data Reset.

This will remove all your data, which includes Google account settings, Settings configuration data and applications, Installed apps, Music, Photos, Other user data, and Linked accounts (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, and more).

#6. Collect all your phone accessories

It’s time to gather all your phone’s accessories. Some accessories might have come in the package and others you may have bought over a period. You can filter those purchased by you or separate the wheat from the chaff.

#7. Pack your Android device

Finally, pack your device in a box and prepare it for shipping. Before you do this, you can wipe your device physically to remove dust, stains, grime or any other dirt gathered on your Android phone.

That’s all friends!

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