Google introduced the most-requested PIP mode with latest Android 8.0 Oreo. So, it becomes easier to do multiple tasks at the same time especially watching YouTube videos while chatting with friends. Sounds interesting? Sadly, YouTube only allows it Red Subscription users to enjoy PIP Mode. Means if you want to watch YouTube in PIP mode while doing another task, you will have to subscribe YouTube Red first. Luckily, we have found a method to enable YouTube PIP mode without Red on Android Oreo device.

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To use YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode without YouTube Red, you don’t need to install any third party apps. If you have Android Oreo running device, then here is how you can use YouTube Picture-in-Picture Mode without YouTube Red.
How to Use YouTube PIP Mode without Red on Android Oreo

How to Enable YouTube PIP Mode without Red on Android Oreo

Note: For now, Picture-in-Picture mode is compatible with only a few apps. You can check it out through Settings→ Apps→ Special Access→ Picture-in-picture→ Here you see the list of all PIP mode supportable apps. If you see YouTube in the PIP Mode compatible list, then go ahead!

Check Picture-in-Picture mode compatible Apps on Android OreoStep #1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your Android oreo device.

Launch Google Chrome browser on Android oreoStep #2. Type URL and go.

Step #3. Now, Tap on Three dots at the upper right corner and then select the Desktop Site. Now, it turns into the desktop like interface.

Tap on three dots and then Select Desktop site on Android OreoStep #4. Look for a video you want to use in PIP Mode and tap to play.

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Tap on Play Video to Use in PIP on Android OreoStep #5. Tap on the Full Display icon at the button right corner of the app.

Tap on the Full Display icon on Youtube Video on Android OreoStep #6. Now, tap on the home button and enjoy YouTube PIP mode without Red.

Enable YouTube PIP Mode without Red on Android OreoYou’re done!

I guess now you are enjoying YouTube video in picture-in-picture mode. Once the YouTube PIP mode starts, you can drag the video anywhere on the screen and keep watching it while doing other activity. Double tap to video in full screen and single tap to zoom it a little bit. You can simply exit the YouTube PIP mode by tapping the cross icon at the right corner of the video.

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Final Words

Hope you found this guide simple as we believe. Well, lots of people are still not aware of this, so do share with your friends and colleagues. Well, lots of people reporting YouTube picture-in-picture not working on Android Oreo. In case, if you encounter any issue regarding YouTube Mode, you can ask us via comments or leave your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.