Nowadays, there are a lot of online streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more available to enjoy thousands of contents. All they need are quality contents. But, have you ever wish to create your own contents and establish a streaming platform like Netflix? If yes, then the Uscreen is the best way to create your streaming service and easily start making money online.

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That’s pretty straightforward. Uscreen is the easiest tool to let users from around the world to create videos and sell online. Uscreen helped more than 1000 users to create their own subscription or membership platforms just like Netflix and Amazon Prime. And, the number of Uscreen users have been still growing. With the help of Uscreen technology, you can create a powerful and fully-customized video as per user’s requirement.

Uscreen Review

Uscreen Review: Create Video Subscription Websites to Sell Videos Online

Easy Sync & Upload

Uscreen Easy Sync & UploadWhether you want to upload your new video, or any documents, or want to start the live stream, everything is easy with Uscreen. You can also upload any content such are Videos, Documents, PDFs, Text, Images, Presentations, Webinars, Live Streaming and much more. Besides, there is a way to upload through a bulk web uploader or connect using FTP, Dropbox, or even Google Drive. One good thing is you can also sync your videos to Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTune.

Customize and Organize Your Content With Elegant

Uscreen Customize and Organize Your Content With ElegantWhen it comes to making your content more enchanting and organized, the Uscreen has plenty of easy option to customize video on business demand fully. You can set chapter menu, course track, schedule, add questioner, and lot more to organize your contents fully. Likewise, there are dozens of theme available you can choose and customize your platform by using its built-in blog, set up the custom label, use CSS or HTML editing, make landing pages, create a product catalog, and make your platform desktop and mobile friendly.

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Create Multiple Offers and Deals

Well, if you have formed the platform to generate money, then the Uscreen allows you to create some powerful and exciting offers to attract more customer. There are various offer options available for free content, subscriptions, rentals, one-time and even package bundles. Well, most of the Uscreen members are using subscription offer and getting enough money. You can also set up coupons & promotions and upsell product to get more lead and earn more money.

Analyse Traffic and Check Payments

Uscreen Analyse Traffic and Check PaymentsUscreen will always there for you to track every single user across the globe. Uscreen tells what contents are most popular and engaging so that you can use more than 30 third party tools to connect with your viewers and increase your revenue. The Uscreen accept all type of payments including PayPal, credit cards as well as Bitcoin and other currencies. So, Uscreen is the best option to get everything is a simple stage and guide to improve your content to get more traffic.


Uscreen PricingTalking about price, Uscreen is offering the 14-day free trial to give the opportunity to newcomers to test the platform. Furthermore, Uscreen provides three types of different plans- Basic, Pro, and Luxury with different features. If you are a fresher, then we suggest you buy Uscreen Basic version with $99/mo which included all basic features with the limit of 200 subscribers. If you want to get more subscriber up to 1000, theme options, and advanced theme customization option, then you can go with Uscreen Pro version which will cost you $199 a month. Still not satisfied? Then there is still an Uscreen Luxury plan at the price of $399/mo available with the unlimited subscriber, royal tracking, video advertisement, analytics, group subscription, and lot more features. So, select the Uscreen plan as per your requirement.

Final Words

Since it is easy to get started with Uscreen, many people have been using it a lot to get money online. Uscreen is planning to add multiple languages and expand the payment method in future. Once after using the Uscreen platform, please do share your experience in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.