Recently, Google rolled out Google Play Music update v7.9. Unfortunately, on few devices, the app shows an error message “Google Play Music Has Stopped” and crashed. Many users reported that they are seeing this error after the update the app version to 7.9. Thankfully, here we have some easy working solution to fix the Unfortunately, Google Play Music Has Stopped issue.

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The search giant has released the new update to support for notification channels in Android O and the search history shortcuts. Unluckily, many users have been complaining about the Google Play keeps crashing at the launch. Well, the issue seems to be spreading in all around the world. We all know that Google Play Music is a highly important part of the phone. So, we did a research and found some working solutions to fix the Google Play Music App crashing error on Android.

How to Fix Unfortunately Google Play Music Has Stopped Error on Android Device

How to Fix Unfortunately, Google Play Music has Stopped Error on Android

Solution #1. Turn Off Bluetooth

Luckily, our first solution is one of the easy and 100% working to fix the Google Play Music crashing issue is Turning Off Bluetooth connection. Considering the previous testing, when you launch the Google Play Music app while your Bluetooth paired may crash the app. So, turning off Bluetooth connection just before opening the app lets the apps work smoothly without any crash or error. Well, this is will be the not good idea for those who have had listening via Bluetooth. In order to turn off Bluetooth, follow these simple steps:

Step #1. Launch Settings on your Android device or pull down quick setting panel.

Pull down quick setting panel and Go to Settings on Android PhoneStep #2. Tap on Bluetooth and toggle to turn off Bluetooth.

Tap on Bluetooth and Turn Off it on Android PhoneStep #3. Open Google Play Music and enjoy.

Open Google Play Music App on AndroidSolution #2. Check for Google Play Music Update

Many users encounter the Google Play Music crashing error after updating to latest version of the app and they have been questioning the issue on forums. After hearing a number of complaints from forums and social media groups, Google has started working on to fix the “Google Play Music has stopped” error. So I suggest you to regularly check for the new update of the app to get rid of this problem. To check update follow this quick steps:

Step #1. Open Google Play Store and click on three dots next to Google Play search box

Open Google Play store and Tap on Three vertical dotsStep #2. Next, tap on “My apps & games”.

Tap on my app & games in Play storeStep #3. If you see the Google Play Music update in the pending updates then tap on Update button of the Google Play Music.

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Update the Google Play Music appSolution #3. Clear Caches and Data

That is said the lots of the errors that occur on every device are because of app’s catches. So clearing data and catches of the app can enhance the device to work smooth and fast. Ensure that you are regularly clearing catches of the app that you are using it in every hour. Maybe your Google Play Service is crashing because of caches and data, so keep clear catches on Google Play Service. Here is a simple step to clear caches in Google Play Service:

Step #1. Launch Google Play Music on your Android device.

Open Google Play Music App on AndroidStep #2. Open Menu by tapping on three dots next to New Release.

Open Menu option in Google Play MusicStep #3. Next, Tap on Settings.

Scroll down and tap on Settings in Google Play MusicStep #4. Scroll down and tap on “Clear cache.”

Tap on Clear cache in Google Play musicWait for a few seconds to clearing caches and re-open the Google Play Music app. You can also clear caches by heading to SettingsAppsGoogle Play Music and tap on clear caches button.

Solution #4. Factory data reset

If you have perfectly tried all above-mentioned solutions and still getting the same error of “Google Play Music has stopped”, then the last solution is factory data reset your device. Factory data reset will provide the brand new look to your device. Before moving on to factory data reset your device, make sure that you have a complete backup of your data. It will remove you all data from your phone.

Step #1. Launch Settings on your Android device.

Open Settings on Android PhoneStep #2. Scroll down and tap on Backup and Reset.

Tap on Backup and Reset under settings on Android Phone.Step #3. Tap on Factory data reset.

Tap on Factory data reset on Android PhoneStep #4. Finally steps is the tap on Reset Phone button.

Tap on Reset Phone button on Android PhoneAfter complete factory data reset your device, download the latest version of the app and install it on your device. Now you can use podcasts on your Google Play Music.

Hopefully, you have been able to get rid of this problem. If you are still stuck on the same problem then let me know in the comments.