I cannot conceal my annoyance when a Google app stops and the error message reads. Unfortunately, Google app has stopped on your Android device. It is a big turn off for any user – beginners or pros – to see this message when s/he is in the middle of something important. On that gruesome moment, you are left only with one option to force shut down that app or in the worse case; you have to switch your device off. Thankfully, there are other options to fix “Unfortunately Google app has stopped” error on your Android phone or tablet.

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You can follow this troubleshooting guide on any of your Android devices to get rid of ‘Google app has stopped’ error. This is said to pop up when users are using apps like contacts, photo gallery, and app launchers. We have listed here four different solutions you can try on your Android phones or tablets to solve the issue.

How to Fix Unfortunately Google app Has Stopped Error on Android

How to Fix “Unfortunately, Google app Has Stopped” Error on Android

I have used my OnePlus 3 phone running Android 8 (Oreo) to fix ‘Google app has stopped’ error.

Quick Links:

Clear Google app Cache

Clearing app storage is the first thing you can do for any app issue. If this can fix the issue, you don’t need to go further.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your Android device.

Open Settings on Android Oreo Running Phone

Step #2. Tap on Apps under the Personal section.

Tap on Apps in Android Settings

Step #3. Next, tap on Application List and find the Google app.

Tap on Application list and then Select Google App on Android settings

Step #4. Tap on Storage option.

Tap on Storage in Google App info on Android

Step #5. Finally, you can tap on CLEAR CACHE buttons.

Clear Google App Cache

Remove the Google app and reinstall it

You can easily uninstall the Google app and then reinstall the app from Google Play Store. Let’s check out how to do it.

Uninstall Google app from Google Play Store.

Step #1. First, you need to connect your Android device to a Wi-fi network or use mobile data.

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Step #2. Next, open Play Store and then tap on three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) from the top left corner of the app screen.

Open Google Play store and Tap on Three vertical dots

Step #4. Tap on My apps & games from the drop-down list.

Tap on My Apps and games in Google Play Store

Step #5. Tap on INSTALLED button from the top menu and find the app you want to remove.

Tap on Installed Option and Select Google App on Play Store

Step #6. Tap on the app and hit UNINSTALL button.

Tap on Uninstall on Play Store

You will be prompted to confirm your action; tap on OK button.

Tap on OK to confirm to Uninstall Google App on Android

When the app is uninstalled, reinstall it after a couple of minutes.

Restart your Android device

A simple restart can fix a lot of issues occur on your smart device. But people fail to do this compulsory action; they should do this at least for once in a day. If you are using an Assistive Touch button on your device, you don’t need to touch the physical button to restart. Alternatively, you can shut down your phone first and then turn it on.

Factory reset

This should be your last option, as it will erase your phone data. Before you go for this, you must take a backup of your phone.

Different brands follow different methods to factory reset their devices. However, you can check two methods to factory reset two leading smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG V30.

That’s all friends!

By following above solutions, you can easily fix ‘Google app has stopped’ error on your Android device.

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