As rumored frequently the iPhone users will now have TwIM app a standalone app to DM (Direct Message) on Twitter. This app supports the most recent iOS features like SiriKit, 3D Touch and also notifications. Moreover, there are few exclusive features too which an iPhone user can apply while using this app.

The iPhone user who wishes to use this newest app can just download TwIM from App Store and once installed he needs to login with his Twitter account credentials. Once successfully logged in and allowed access, the TwIM will automatically sync with his Twitter account and update it with current DM history.

This move from Apple is seen as adopting Facebook’s policy of having a standalone app for Facebook Messenger. As mentioned above TwIM has some unique features as well which will make the task easier for the users. The SiriKit feature once enabled, will work extremely well for those Twitter users who are using Siri. Plus 3D Touch and rich notifications have their special working style.

Rich notifications can be operated via 3D touch or by swiping an alert and replying directly from the banner itself. Of course, you can chat with your friends in DM and share photos just like you are doing right now, but being a standalone app, it will help you to streamline the usage.

Apart from the features above, TwIM has its own and exclusive feature too, which is sending your current location to your friends directly even to those who aren’t using TwIM. They can open the location you sent via Google Maps or Apple Maps on their Twitter app.

Another special feature TwIM is offering is TwIMoji, an exclusive collection of Emojis. They are almost same as the current emojis but have the box like a design and look extremely cute. Once send to on-TwIM users these Emojis will look standard on their app or PC.