Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are currently the hottest smartphones in the market by a long shot. Agreed, the device doesn’t flaunt an all-new design, but it’s got enough to rule the sales chart. Apart from a huge camera improvement, the one department where the latest iteration has outmatched the predecessor is the durability-thanks largely to the thicker glass and AL 7003 high-strength aluminum.

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Despite the slightly more protective design to shield the smartphone against accidental bumps, no one would like to take a chance—certainly not the folks who have butter fingers! But let’s face it; there are very few people who would want to completely wrap their gorgeous phablet into a bulky case-just for the sake of protection. Most people would love to pair their device with a svelte case to ensure the phablet continues to arrest eyeballs!

totallee Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Cases

totallee Galaxy S9/S9+ Cases Review

When you think of slim covers, the one name that instantly comes to mind is – totallee which is known to produce world’s thinnest cases for smartphones for several years. As expected, the accessory maker has launched ultra-thin cases for Galaxy S9/S9+. From what I can see, the cover seems fully primed to make an adorable match with Samsung’s latest flagships. So, what makes it a sure shot for the phablet?

Just 0.02 inches Thickness

totallee 0.02 inches Thickness Case for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

The moment you have a glance at the totallee case for S9 Plus, you would notice the sleek design. It’s incredibly sleek featuring just 0.02 inches thickness.

It’s beautifully carved and snuggly snaps on the smartphone. Oh, when it’s on, you would hardly notice its presence. And that’s probably the biggest highlight of this case.

High-Grade Polypropylene Safeguards Your Smartphone against Scratch

totallee slim case for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

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Unlike most thin cases that are made of hard plastic, the totallee slim case has been crafted with top-grade polypropylene. Hence, the cover is able to retain its shine for long. Besides, it’s fully capable of resisting scratch.

You can trust it to help your smartphone survive minor drops as well. There is also a raised fingerprint sensor ring for additional safeguard. Moreover, the case is backed by a two-year warranty. So, if you ever find it not living up to the billing, you can get it replaced without any issue.

Brushed Finish Offers Anti-Slip Grip

totallee Anti Grip Case for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Smooth brushed finish further adorns its look, while also providing anti-slip grip. Comfy gripping fit all the contours of your palm, thereby preventing the device from slipping out of your hands.

Personally, I never make any compromise with a non-slip exterior as I have had some terrible experiences with slippery covers. I have found the case to be pretty good in terms of offering improved clasp. Rest assured, it won’t jump out of your palm!

As for cutouts, they are very precise and offer hassle-free access to all the functions. Another notable quality of this case is “no branding” that is to ensure your smartphone continues to glow in its full-fledged form. As a result, the entire attention is on only one thing-your pricey device.

Multiple Color Options

There are multiple color options to choose from: grey, jet black, pitch black, frosted white and jet white. Thus, you won’t have any problem in picking out a more suitable match for your device.

For instance, you can choose to go with pitch black color for your midnight black smartphone. And, a select grey color variant for lilac purple Galaxy S9 to make a fine combo.

Price for Galaxy S9 Case: $14.99
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Price for Galaxy S9 Plus Case: $14.99
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The Bottom Line:

Having used totallee’s enviably svelte case for over a week, I can surely say that it’s right on the money on almost all fronts. If you are fascinated by sleek profile, you can’t get a better option than this one.

For all being so slim, the case can fight out scuffs. Unlike many other similar cases, it’s not slippery at all; courtesy enhanced gripping. As for price, I think it’s slightly over the top. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t mind taking an extra yard for this cool suit.

Let me know what you think of the totallee case? Would you like giving it a go on your S9/S9? Share your feedback down below in the comments. And, don’t forget to stay tuned with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such accessory reviews.