They say that the entire world has been shrunk into one Android smartphone. But we are sure that you are convinced that whatever people say your Android smartphone is still your personal gadget and you are not going to give a single chance to anyone to have even a peek at it right? So if you are so convinced you will use all the help you need to keep your Android phone locked but what if somehow you forget the pattern to unlock and by your repeated and failed attempts, your Android Device gets locked? Mind you, when a few of your attempts doesn’t work and they got failed, your phone could be locked down permanently.

So is there any solution? In this article, we will know about exactly the same. We are sure that by going through this article you will be able to learn how to unlock your Android Device after several failed attempts and you can re-enjoy your phone’s company. So breathe easy and let’s begin the journey.

How to unlock your Android phone, After too many failed pattern attempts

Relax if you have a Google account!

It is good that when you purchase a new Android phone, you get your phone registered with Google account. This will not only help you to recover your important information from the phone as and when you require the same but also if you are thinking to give your locked Android phone to its authorized service station then also your Google account can come to rescue you. How? Because there is absolutely no guarantee that the service station, which has unlocked your Android device has saved your entire data which contents important contacts also. So it is always good and advised to have a Google account registered with your Android smartphone.

This is how you will reset your Android Phone with Google account

We got 3 easiest ways to let you reset your pattern via using your Google account and here they are.

    1. When you tried repeatedly to unlock your phone by using different but failed patterns you will see a link on your screen mentioning, ‘Forgot pattern’. Just tap on this link.
    2. Once you tap the link it will ask you to provide your Google Account’s username along with the password you always use to login to your Google account.
    3. That’s it! You can now easily change your Android phone’s screen lock pattern.

Assuming that Google Reset ain’t working then?

There can be many reasons with the Google solution don’t work at all; it can be forgetting your Google username and password altogether or the extreme reason could be not having an access to the internet. So what you will do? Forget to attempt another try at it? No ways right? Let’s know how one can go about it.

  • First of all, just switch off your gadget.
  • Long press the power key, volume key and the menu key to all gather at the same time.
  • Your Android phone screen will show you the ‘Android system recovery’.
  • There will be an option mentioning ‘wipe data/factory reset. You need to navigate this option downwards with your volume key as it should be the third option. Once you do that just press the menu button which will take you to the next step.
  • Choose the 8th option which says, ‘Yes – delete all user’.
  • Then go to the first option of the menu asking you to ‘Reboot now’.
  • After this reboot, your phone will be ‘unlocked’ and should start working alright.

Before concluding we would like to advise that it is always good to have a habit to backup all your data on your phone. Please also note that it is highly advisable to keep your gadget away from kids as they might try and change your locking pattern and later become the reason for the complete lock-down.