Fitbit Versa is here, and as per technology pundits, the fitness smartwatch is more appealing than Ionic from the same brand. The smartwatch is made to attract mass and not the class, and therefore, Fitbit is not locking horns with Apple Watch or any other premium smartwatches available on the market. Though Fitbit has never touted this watch as ‘Women’s watch,’ many users find it an ideal timepiece for gentle wrists. If you are planning to buy or have already got one, check these 10 tips and tricks to get the most of your Fitbit Versa smartwatch.

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Two glaring defects any user would notice about Versa are notifications and complicated process to change bands. Users cannot take any action on the notifications; this means, they cannot respond to the text messages or any other messages received on the app. Second, if you want to change the band, you need to go through a complicated method to switch it.

Since the fitness watch is crafted to impress the mass, the brand has seen a good number of orders. As a proud owner of Fitbit Versa, you should explore some tips and tricks to make the most of your Fitbit Versa.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

10 Tips and Tricks for Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

For common users, there is more than notifications and changing the bands. The low-priced Fitbit Versa is undoubtedly going to be accepted by many young users; given its affordable price of $200, parents would like to silence their adolescents, who have been cranky since last Christmas.

Tip #1: Buttons on Versa

Versa has three buttons. two on the right side and one on the left. Tap on the top-right button and you will be able to open the top-left app in the app dock. When you long press the same button, i.e., top-right, you will see your notifications. Tap the bottom-right button to launch the app seen in the lower left corner of the app dock.

Coming to the left button, which works as a back button while you are using an app. Go to the quick settings by long-pressing the left button; in quick settings, you will see music controls, Fitbit Pay (on special Versa edition) and quick toggles for auto-wake and notifications.

Tip #2. Gestures

Gestures will help you explore Fitbit Versa in a smarter way. There are three main gestures on Versa. Swipe up, Swipe down, and Swipe left.

  • When you swipe up on your Versa, you will see Today feed with statistics and tips of the day.
  • Swipe down will bring up notifications
  • Swipe left to check app dock.

There is no effect following swipe right at present.

Tip #3. Today view

Fitbit OS 2.0 has come up with a new Today view that helps you access your daily stats; this eliminates the need to check your Fitbit app on your smartphone. On your Fitbit Versa, swipe up to see Today view. You will get some tips to keep you motivated all day; alternatively, Fitbit will explain some features of the watch. Other essential details in Today view are daily stats, hourly step counts, and resting heart rate. Upon swiping left, you will get more information on all the three categories.

Tip #4. Install apps & watch faces

You can use two different stores of Fitbit to download and install apps and watch faces.

Step #1. Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Now tap on Settings (you can tap on the thumbnail of the watch).

Step #3. Next, you can choose Clock Faces or Apps.

This will show you a list of watch faces or apps currently installed or in use.

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You can see All Apps or All Clocks at the top of the screen; you can tap on any one of the two to explore the respective store.

Tip #5. Change clock face

You won’t like to flaunt the same watch face for a long time; you need some change. Thankfully, you can change your clock face.

Step #1. Launch Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Now tap on Versa icon from the top-right corner.

Step #3. Next, tap on the Clock Faces square box and choose All Clocks.

Step #4. Select your choice of a clock face, tap on it and then tap Select button.

Step #5. Your phone shows a loading bar; your device will vibrate, and after the loading screen on the app, a new clock face will appear automatically.

Fitbit Versa has many categories of clock faces. You can select a face from categories like By Fitbit, Stats Heavy, Digital, Analog, Fitbit Labs, and All Clocks.

You can explore more clock faces by tapping on View All button.

Tip #6. Customize clock face

Want to customize the current clock face? You can add colors, time, format etc. to the existing clock face. Note that you cannot customize each and every clock face available in the categories mentioned above. Some faces have the options that allow you to customize them.

Step #1. Go to the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Now tap on Versa icon from the upper-right corner.

Step #3. Next, tap on Clock Faces square box.

Step #4. A small gear icon appears at the bottom right of the face if the clock face is customizable.

Step #5. Tap on the cogwheel, and you will be landed on the settings page for your clock face.

Tip #7. Reposition apps

The first four apps on the grid are crucial for any user; when you swipe to the left on your clock face, you will get installed apps. Here, you can reshuffle apps on your Fitbit Versa. To rearrange the app, press and hold the app until the screen vibrates a little bit. Next, drag the app to your choice of location and release the finger. In case you want to drag the app to a different screen, move the app to the edge of the screen.

Tip #8. Change clock faces

Open the Clock Face store to switch between watch faces and install the face you want to change to. You can also customize watch face features.

Tip #9. Music

For music lovers, Versa offers you enough storage to store around 300 songs of your choice. I guess this is enough for your morning exercise or evening walk. Currently, Fitbit allows you to sync your Pandora Plus or paid Deezer account with Versa. Note that you can also sync music stored on your computer without DRM; this means, you cannot sync downloaded music from Spotify or Apple Music.

Tip #10. Bluetooth

Like Apple Watch, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones with Fitbit Versa and enjoy those 300 songs synced from your music service. You can pair your wireless Bluetooth headphones from Settings → Bluetooth → +Audio Device on your Fitbit Versa. Next, choose your headphones from the list of devices found by Versa.

Versa is apparently the first smartwatch from Fitbit that will win million hearts. After the fitness trackers, this is arguably the best smartwatch from Fitbit. Given the poor performance of Ionic and other watches, industry experts have some expectations from Versa.

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