Gone were the days when smartphones didn’t have stunning cameras and lacked the quality to match the standalone camera devices. Today, there are tons of Android smartphones with amazing cameras. Let alone flagship phones, even the budget ones have the excellent cameras equipped to capture great photos, don’t they?

Despite having even the best Android smartphone, you won’t be able to take attractive photos if you don’t know the tricks. Not too long ago, I myself wasn’t able to snap nice photos. However, once I got to know the tricks I was able to capture enviable pics with utmost ease.

Look forward to finding out the best tricks to take captivating photos on your Android smartphone like a pro? Let’s dive ahead!

How to Take Batter Photos on Android Smartphone

Launch Camera Instantly

When you are all geared up to capture a memorable photo, you must access the camera instantly.

Several Android devices have a camera icon at the bottom of the Lock screen. Some of the newest ones let you launch the camera by just double tapping the Home/power button.

Use HDR mode

HDR (high dynamic range) is really superb for capturing great photos of static objects. It makes sure that the lighting, as well as shadows in the photo, is equally visible. It’s quite handy for high contract photos. However, you need to keep your camera steady to get the best results.

Use Touch-to-Capture or Volume Shutter for Selfies

It’s better to use touch-to-capture or volume shutter while taking selfies. Though this feature may not be available on every Android device, some of the latest ones have got it. (Go to Settings menu → Use volume control as.)

Make the Most of Landscape Mode

When it comes to picture quality landscape mode has an edge over the portrait mode. Unless you want to capture a taller shot, you should go for the landscape as it’s comparatively better.

Don’t Use Flash

LED flash is very handy as it lets you snap stunning pics even in low light areas. However, you should use it smartly and avoid turning it on even when there is enough natural light.

As LED flash is located very close to the lens on smartphone cameras, it has an awkward effect. You can increase the exposure value (EV) and ISO on your camera in case there is a lack of natural light.

Get the Best Out of Filters

Make the most of the several filters your smartphone boasts of. Personally, I don’t forget to use them after snapping some dashing pics as they enormously improve the quality of the pic.

Avoid Digital Zoom

Avoid using digital zoom as it tends to affect the quality of photos. Zooming does nothing but enlarges and crop the pic.

Earlier when I didn’t have much knowledge about its usage, I would often use it. It was just a couple of years ago when I knew that it’s not worth using it all the time.

The Spooky Panorama shot

The Google Camera app allows you to use the Panorama function to pan horizontally across a scene as well as snap the whole landscape.

In order to have a frightening effect, you will need to have the subject of your panorama shot to move the camera in order that they appear several times in the pic.

Check details of your best, worst and Auto photos

I don’t fail to check out certain details like ISO, exposure time and aperture of the photos I capture. It helps me find why some pics look awesome and others are so awkward.

As a result, I am able to not only understand what sort of setting perfectly works on my device but also succeed in taking mind blowing shots.

Make Sure to Clean the Lens

In spite of having one of the best smartphone cameras, I wasn’t able to capture nice photos on some occasions. I would often wonder why it happens like this. Luckily, I soon discovered the trick to fix it.

Now, I make sure to clean the lens of the camera before taking hot photos. The tip works pretty smartly for me.

Age Old Trick

Today, most smartphone cameras allow you to use a grid of two horizontal and two vertical lines while snapping photos. Make sure to keep the subject of your photo at one of the four intersections of these lines in order to capture fascinating shots.

Tiny Planet

“Tiny Planet” is a fantastic editing trick which allows you to turn your panoramic photos into globes. There are several apps like Tiny Planet FX that will let you create this effect for your smartphone.

Augmented Color Reality

There is a cool app called Colorify Augmented Reality which can enable you to change the color of an object to anything you wish.

I have tried my hands on it in order to give my favorite pics better looks. And, it has worked pretty well for me.

The Dashing Trick

With the use of a pair of sunglasses with a reflective coating on the lens, you will be able to take fantastic photos. Make sure to keep the light source be reflected off the lens while snapping any remarkable scene.

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Now, go ahead and use these tips to take some of the most memorable shots of your life. And, do let us know your feedback with us in the comments below.