Just two months back Reliance Jio entered the Indian telecom market with a bang. With one of the best calling and data offers on offer, there was a heavy rush to get Reliance Jio SIMs all across the country. After initial network or signal issues on its activated SIM, Jio has started to settle down. In its preview offer, Jio has set 4GB limit per day and users used to get the speed for first few days or weeks. Some users even got speed up to 30MBPS.

But recently because Jio got many users or whatever the unknown issue is, the thing is that speed has gone terribly down. There are few users who not even get 3G level speed on their mobiles. We are now going to provide you some tricks and tips and by using them you can not only speed up your Reliance Jio net but also can increase it even after your 4G limit is over.

Tips to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed on Your Smartphon Even After Limit is Over

Tips to Increase Reliance Jio Speed on Your Phone Even after Its 4GB Limit is Over

Tip #1. Switch from Welcome offer to Preview Offer

This is a very simple trick which will remove your 4GB limit easily. The trick is simple but the method is bit complex, so you need to follow all the steps given below meticulously.

Step #1. Uninstall My Jio App.

Step #2. Download My Jio App again and install it but make sure that you do not update it when asked.

Step #3. Open the My Jio app and install all 11 apps from it.

Step #4. Turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Step #5. Close all apps and restart your mobile phone – This is a must step so don’t skip it.

Step #6. Keep the internet off and open My Jio App.

Step #7. Tap on the ‘Open’ icon in the My Jio App.

Step #8. Check for the “Get Jio SIM” option. If it is still not there, then close the app and open it again.

Step #9. Once you see the above option turn on your data and tap on Getting Jio SIM button.

Step #10. Once you are sure that you are converted to Jio Preview offer delete all Jio Apps.

Note. With these trick, you will get back your 4G internet without limit. Remember you may need to try this trick many times until you see the “Get Jio SIM” option and mind you DO NOT UPDATE My Jio app.

Tip 2: Use VPN to increase Jio 4G speed

This is the simplest trick to increase your JIO 4G speed. Follow the steps given below to see it yourself.

Step #1. Download any Free VPN on your mobile.

Step #2. Select the country like Canada, US or any server after opening the VPN.

Step #3. Start downloading anything.

You will now see the increase in your net speed.

Tip #3: Change the Jio APN

Step #1. Go to Settings → Mobile Network → APN

Step #2. Change the APN like this.

  • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  • Bearer: LTE
  • Save the setting Turn ON or OFF data

There is one more trick which is ‘Switch Band Frequency’ but our experience suggests that it is very risky and not advisable. You will find this trick easily but risk it only if your smartphone is under warranty period, because if this trick fails miserably then your phone may get damaged. So do it at your own risk.


These are the simplest tricks we can offer to increase the speed of your Reliance Jio even if your 4GB limit is over. Whether they worked on your smartphone or not you can tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section.