Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular portable gaming consoles now. But, some Switch user has been stunned by the battery life issue. Hence, we have got some tips which will help you to improve Nintendo Switch battery life.

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There might be the hardware or firmware problem with your console and lots of users have reported that they are not able to see the battery indicator at all. Well, the company had released the firmware update to solve the issue, but its problem still remains. Therefore, we are here to help you through these working solutions to fix Nintendo Switch drain draining issue. Check it out!

Tips to Improve Nintendo Switch Battery LifeTips to Improve Nintendo Switch Battery Life

Solution #1: Turn off “Auto Brightness”

To save more battery on Nintendo Switch, the easiest solution is to turn down the brightness on your console. Do not let your gadget decide what level of brightness you require. So turn off Auto-brightness feature on your console.

Nintendo Switch Turn Down BrightnessHold down the Home button on the right Joy-Con, and you will get a pop-up menu. Over here you can set the display brightness by using the slider. Make sure you use as less brightness as possible because that will only increase your gaming period at the end of the day.

Solution #2: Put Your ‘Nintendo Switch’ to Airplane Mode

Putting any smart device into Airplane mode can always save a lot of battery life for sure. Same is with the Nintendo Switch as well. If you are sure that the game you are about to play will not need any WiFi connection, then put your Switch’ to Airplane mode.

Put Your Nintendo Switch to Airplane ModeTo do that, from the quick settings menu, you can put your gaming console in Airplane mode. You will need your Joy-Con controllers attached to your console and start playing your games which require no internet. This trick will certainly give a boost to your battery life.

Solutions #3: Fix Nintendo Switch Battery Indicator Issue

For most of the Switch users, the battery indicator has been disabled. Hence, they cannot be able to figure it out that how much time left to play the game. Well, the company’s firmware update did not work to fix the error. But, you can fix it by following few steps. You will need to repeat this process several times to solve Nintendo Switch battery indicator issue.

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Step #1. Make sure that you have System menu version 3.0.1 or higher.

Step #2. Set the Auto-Sleep mode to “Never” for “Playing on Console Screen” and for “Connected to TV.” (From the HOME Menu select “System Settings.” Scroll down the options on the left and select “Sleep Mode.”)

Step #3. Connect the AC adapter to the console until the battery is fully charged.

Step #4. Once the battery is fully charged, leave for one hour with the AC adapter still connected to it.

Step #5. Next, disconnect the AC adapter and allow the console to display the HOME Menu for about three to four hours.

Step #6. Once the battery charge is almost exhausted, power off the console by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then select “Power Options” → “Turn Off.” Leave the console alone for at least 30 minutes.

Step #7. Now keep repeating the 2 – 6 steps several times, and you will see the battery charge indicator progress.

Solution #4: Play Another Nintendo Switch Game Solution

Sounds crazy? But if you compare this with your laptop you will understand that just like stop using certain apps on the laptop can save your battery on Nintendo Switch to you can stop playing a game while you are on battery and start playing another game which uses less battery.

Play Another Nintendo Switch GameTo get the maximum out of the battery life, try and find casual puzzle games from Nintendo eShop. Playing major and big bang titles on Nintendo will certainly use more battery. So if you are away from the dock or stand, it is a good idea to avoid playing big games on Nintendo just to keep enough juice for at least 6 hours.

Solution #5: Sleep Mode/Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch If Not Playing

Do you really think that your Nintendo Switch should remain ON always even when there is a good amount of gap between your two gaming sessions? If not then why don’t you send your console to slumber or turn it off altogether? There is a power button on the top edge of your Nintendo Switch, just press it and the game will go into the slumber.

Sleep Mode or Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch If Not PlayingIf you are sure that the timing between your two gaming sessions will be too long then just switch off the ‘Switch’ completely and, it will not use your battery at all. So, when you next time turns your Nintendo Switch ON, you will find the similar amount of battery percentage left on your gaming console.

That’s it!

I hope these solutions are able to let you fix Nintendo Switch battery drain issue.

Tell us, whether either of the solutions worked for you or not? You can give your valued feedback here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.