Nowadays, every smartphone has built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) function. Whether you want to play an augmented reality game like Pokémon Go or use Google Map to navigate an unknown place, you require accurate GPS signal to organize your task. But, sometimes you cannot perform your GPS based task correctly because of weak GPS signal. At that time, I would recommend you try out these quick tips to improve GPS signal on your Android device.

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There are many aspects effects on GPS motion, and it could be due to slow internet connection or the compass problem. It also depends on the GPS sensor of the Android device. Let’s get started to solve the issue and boost the GPS signal on your Android device.
Tips to Improve GPS signal on your Android device

How to Fix and Improve GPS signal on Android device

#1: Enable “High Accuracy Mode”

The highly accurate mode feature of Android device helps to give the exact result of your location quickly. Well, it uses more of your battery and internet data, but it does not matter if you need an accurate GPS signal on your Android device.

Hence, I suggest you to use “High Accuracy Mode” only when you need. Once you have done with your task, set it in normal mode. It will save your battery as well as mobile data. To activate this feature, go to SettingsLocationsMode→ and select “High Accuracy Mode”.

Enable High Accuracy Mode on Android phone#2: Make sure you are in LOS area

LOS means Line of the Sight to the Sky. If you found that your location is not showing correctly on your Android device, then maybe you are out of the LOS area. Because your Android device uses GPS satellites to works GPS function correctly. Thus, if you are in the Basement or In Cloudy weather, then you won’t be able to get the accurate GPS signal. Hence, ensure that you are in LOS state.

#3: Turn Off Battery Saver or Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode and battery saver mode on Android device help to save the battery of your device. Once you turn it ON, your device will turn off some function which uses more battery and mobile data.

Thus, if your GPS signal is not showing correct, then maybe the Battery Saver or Power Saving Mode has turned off the GPS function. So, turn off battery saver and power saving mode to boost GPS signal on your Android phone.

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#4: Keep the GPS Signal On With “GPS Connected”

GPS Connected Android AppGenerally, GPS signal loss connection when you are navigating while moving your device. It also turns weak when you use minimizes the GPS app in order to check other apps. Hence, you will need to be getting connected with GPS while moving or performing other apps. For that, you can install “GPS Connected” app. It allows your device to keep the GPS signal even if your device is locked.

#5: Revive your GPS data

While using GPS app on the Android devices, sometimes the location stuck at same location even if your device is far from that place. Hence, in order to make it work again, you will need to refresh the GPS data on your Android device.

GPS Status & Toolbox Android AppFor that, you can use the “GPS Status & Toolbox” app. It will help you to refresh GPS data efficiently. Download and Install the app, launch the app and tap on anywhere on the screen to get the App Menu. Click on Manage A-GPS State and then hit the Reset Data. Once it was done, go back to the Manage A-GPS State and click Download. After that, restart your device and get the accurate GPS.

#6: Check the GPS issue with “GPS Essential.”

After applying all above tricks, if your GPS signal is not working properly, then check out the reason of the problem. With the help of “GPS Essential” app, you can figure out the issue and try to get the solution by yourself.

GPS Essential Android AppFirst, download and Install the “GPS Essential” app and tap on Satellites from the main menu. Once you tap the Satellites, your phone will connect to the satellites around the world. If you don’t see any satellite on the phone, then it could be due to some hardware problem with your device.

That’s all!

These are the major tips to improve your Android GPS signal. Hope these works for you. If you have any other tricks solve the same, do share with us in the commenting section or at Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.