Nowadays, most of the Android devices come with fingerprint scanning feature. It allows you quickly unlock your device with your fingerprint without entering a passcode. That’s very confident and speedy! Furthermore, few high-end devices like Pixel and Xiaomi Mi also let you use the fingerprint scanner to capture photos. Seems pretty interesting!

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Many users are wondering how to take a selfie using fingerprint sensor on any Android phone.

“Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app” can help you to take a picture. It allows you to take photo/selfie with a fingerprint scanner on your Android device. Follow below guide to do it quickly.

How to Take Selfies Using Fingerprint Sensor on Any Android phoneHow to take Photo/Selfie with Fingerprint Scanner on Any Android phone

Well, the Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app is currently available in a free trial, you can try it now. If you find it very impressive, then get the full version at $1.99.

Step #1. Download and install the Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app on your Android phone.

Download and Install Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app on Android PhoneStep #2. Next, launch the app, skip some different slides and then tap on Done.

Skip some different slides and then tap on Done in Dactyl appStep #3. Once you headed to the main page, tap on “Open Setting page” button.

Tap on Open Setting page in Dactyl appStep #4. Scroll down to Dactyl Trial and tap on it.

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Tap on Dactyl Trial Under SettingsStep #5. Now turn the Dactyl Trial toggle ON.

Turn the Dactyl Trial toggle on

Step #6. Go back to the main menu, and you see the list of Dactyl Trial supported apps.

List of Dactyl Trial supported appsStep #7. Open the Camera app under the currently supported apps; you will see a message saying “Dactyl service running.” Now you can start taking selfies with a fingerprint sensor on your Android phone.

Tap on Camera app, you will see the message Dactyl service running

Start taking selfies with fingerprint sensor on Android phoneThat’s it!

That was quite easy and quick. This is how you can use the fingerprint sensor to take photos especially for selfie clicks in your Android device. Well, if you had a Redmi 3s Prime or Redmi Note 3/4 and received the MIUI 8.2 update then you can also take a selfie with fingerprint touch on your device.

If you encounter any problem while following this tutorial, do let us know in the commenting section. And, if you have any other tips and tricks related to the fingerprint sensor, do share with us.

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