Nintendo’s latest mobile game “Super Mario Run” has created history by shattering download records on iOS. As it has simplicity, you can have non-stop enjoyment by playing on your smartphone. But, after two level, it becomes tough to complete rest of levels. So, there are certain Super Mario Run tips and tricks to make you master in the game.

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Unlike other games, Super Mario Run doesn’t tell you how to play it with some basic guidelines to go ahead. You will just have mug up yourself to expand your kingdom. So, here are 10 best Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks to make the most out of it.

Best Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

10 Best Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

#1. The mid-air spin

To gain the momentum when you jump, you need to do the ‘mid-air spin’ which is also known as helicopter jump. If you wish to reach the high-up coin or area or even to avoid an annoying enemy or grab an extra coin then just tap on screen again and that will allow you an extra air as your Mario will get a spin.

#2. Need not to jump always

Super Mario Run is all about energy and moving forward. Yes, you need to jump to gain coins or stop falling into gaps but don’t try to jump always because it will harm your momentum only. So the mantra to get more success on Super Mario Run is to keep running and don’t jump unnecessarily.

#3. Pause to know path in advance

You will see red blocks on the ground in each level. These red blocks are to pause the timer and stop Mario running on the tracks. This will help you to avoid jumping to maintain momentum and apart from that it will also allow you to look ahead and check what is coming. This will help you to plan how you can avoid obstacles and hitting the platforms.

#4. Use the bubbles

Whenever you get hit by an enemy, or you fall down between the gap, the Super Mario floats backward in a bubble until you tap on the screen to drop him back on land. This setting can really come as a blessing for sure, and it is a matter of how smartly you use the situation. Just tap the bubble icon near the top of your screen, and you will be allowed to replay the parts of the level without doing a reset. So, now you can replay the part before you got hurt and even gain some coins too. Don’t feel that you are cheating as it is perfectly legal.

#5. Keep Moving

Sometimes you feel stuck when you try to gain a rare purple or black coin. But the thing is that you must not stop there, do something else. The design of Super Mario Run is such that it will always give you a chance to move ahead. Replaying an older level when you are stuck somewhere is a good idea, it will probably give you a new idea so that you can get more benefits. Just you need to pay more attention.

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#6. Try to unlock more characters

You should always try to unlock more characters to get an extra advantage out of your Super Mario Run game. The reason behind this is that certain characters have the extra ability which your current character might be lacking. For example, Luigi can jump higher, or Yoshi can jump flutter, Toad is easiest to unlock. So, just go to My Nintendo account within the app and from My Nintendo menu unlock the character. Yes, you may not be able to unlock all characters as it depends on your progress but get what you can You can switch characters by tapping the character icon at the bottom right of your screen once you select a level.

#7. Redeem your rewards

Sometimes the Super Mario Run interface might confuse you especially when you want to use your rewards. When you are in the middle of the game, the pop-ups keep on coming saying you have accomplished certain objectives but you not aware where these achievements are stored. But once you know about them then it is very easy to redeem them. All you need to do is to go to My Nintendo in the main menu and then hit the ‘Missions’ tab along the top. Here you will find all your achievements.

#8. Hammer the Thwomps enemies

Once you have progressed enough into the Super Mario Run, you will be provided hammers, but seriously there is no clue about when and where to use them. Actually, hammers can be used to remove the large stone Thwomp enemies who are crowding the Mushroom Kingdom. Just go to the build menu and tap on hammer icon in the bottom right.

#9. Expand your Kingdom

You can actually expand your Mushroom Kingdom to gain more space. This will come only when you have progressed enough into the Super Mario Run game and have collected enough number of red, green and blue Toads and also winning the Toad rally. Go to the Build menu shop and buy the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ this will allow screens to your Mushroom Kingdom and will expand some room for you.

#10. Use the tips page when in doubt

Yes, there is tips page which is inbuilt in Super Mario Run game, but hardly anybody knows about it. So, when in doubt just tap on menu button which you will find on the bottom left a corner of your screen and then enter your notebook. You will find a ‘tips and tricks’ section there where you will find plenty of useful hints.


Super Mario Run a fantastic game to play but it is not well defined, or there are not much tries to make the player understood how they could get the benefits from it. But now we have given you some of the most important tips and tricks which will help you to make full use of this superb game.

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