Finally, Android users can rejoice! The pre-registrations for Nintendo’s latest mobile game Super Mario Run have been started on Google Play from today. There is no fixed date has been announced for the game’s official launch on Android but the buzz suggests that it could very well be 15th January 2017. This means that Super Mario Run on Android will start exactly a month after it was started on iOS this month.

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This Nintendo game became a huge hit on iPhone as it created a record for downloads on iOS platform. This app saw 40 million downloads in its first four days itself. What surprised many was, that the game didn’t have rave reviews during these four days and yet it got the most number of downloads. Although since then there have been only 10 million more downloads in next 9 to 10 days which was predicted by the pundits of mobile games.

Super Mario Run Pre-Registrations on Google Play Store Start

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Android Users can now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run on Google Play Store

Still, Android users were waiting for it with eager eyes and finally their wait is over. It is learned that the Android version of Super Mario Run will be identical to the iOS one and it will be free to download. The players will be allowed to play first 3 levels for free and then to unlock levels thereon will need some in-app purchases. You will be offered to play the World Tour mode to compete and unlock levels or there is another option to play Toad Rally where you need to beat other player’s scores to win different colored Toads.

Pre-Register for Super Mario Run

We also advise going through these tips and tricks advised for Super Mario Run which will ultimately help you to play it in the best way possible from day one itself if you are an Android user.

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