Despite having $10 in-app purchase price and not so good reviews on Apple iTunes and always ON internet as its requirement, Nintendo’s latest internet game Super Mario Run has broken all the download records on iOS. According to a press release in Japan which has quoted both Apple’s Phil Schiller and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto saying that the game was downloaded more than 40 million times in first four days of its release.

This statistic has earned Super Mario Run a Number One rank in iOS’ “Top Free” charts in about 140 countries and a place in the TOP 10 list of the “Top Grossing” category in 100 countries. What gives a big surprise to many is that because of the not so good reviews the Nintendo stocks tumbled slightly but yet it has managed the record-shattering statistics.

Super Mario Run Breaks Records Becomes Fastest Selling Games on iOS

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As mentioned above, the in-app purchases are $10 in the Super Mario Run and as per recent reports by App analysts only about 8 percent of users who download Super Mario Run spends $10 and move on to play the game after first 3 levels. It is learned that despite being low purchase percentages the game has earned as much as $21 million in just four days of its release.

Analyst Spencer Gabriel thinks that this (earning of $21 million in four days) is not an endorsement of game’s quality, but rather an understanding of a value when we compare it to the free-to-play games which have more content than Super Mario Run has.

The original Super Mario Bros. from Nintendo is one of the all-time best sellers till date which sold over 40 million copies as it was part of the most newly introduced gaming console by default. Analysts suggest that Super Mario Run would not sustain longer than Nintendo’s other game Pokémon Go. But, even then this is really good news for Nintendo.