There is a funny tussle always going on between iOS users and Apple. Funny because on one side the user wants to avoid downloading the frequent iOS updates as they feel that the current firmware is good enough and another side Apple always wants their users to remain updated with the latest iOS updates.

You have also seen the option to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.5 to keep your iPhone for minimum needs.

Now let’s check out how to turn off or stop iOS software updates on iPhone or iPad to avoid or I can say disable annoying iOS update notifications.

How to Turn Off iOS Update and Stop Notifications

Turn-off/Stop IOS Update Notifications

Step #1. Go to the Settings, and then tap on General.

Go to the Settings, and then tap on General

Step #2. Next, Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage → Manage Storage.

Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap on Manage Storage

Step #3. Now, tap on latest iOS update and then tap on ‘Delete Update‘ to remove it.

Tap on latest iOS update and then tap on Delete Update to remove it

Step #4. Open the Safari browser and go to this URL:

Step #5. Follow the instructions to install the configuration profile. If prompted give the passcode and once installed successfully it will ask to restart your device, tap on ‘Restart‘ button.

This will prevent your device from getting ANY new updates from iOS from now on. To check, Go to Settings → General → Software Update.

Don’t worry the tvOS 10 profile is cryptographically signed by Apple so you can trust on it. Secondly, whenever you wish to resume with iOS updates you can always go through this path: Settings → General → Profile & Management and delete the tvOS 10 profile.

How to Turning Off or Stop Notification by Updating Servers to Blocking List

This process will block the updates from the source itself.

Step #1. Go to your Router login page from the browser. (The page address can be different from different routers).

Step #2. Login with your credentials. Normally usernames and passwords in routers are same which is ‘admin.’

If you are not able to log in, you need to ask your Internet Service Provider for the details and then log in.

Step #3. Find URL Filtering or Blocking Section and add following domains to the list.


Step #4. Click on Save.

This will permanently disable iOS software update notifications. When you feel you want to restart the notifications you can revisit this procedure and delete the domains we mentioned above from URL Filtering List.

Trust, you are now well aware of how you can turn off iOS update and stop notifications on iPhone or iPad by following the above procedures with ease. Do let us know how you like his tutorial here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

  • Timely Manner

    Wow. Thank you. Now says my phone is up to date to 9.3.5 in software update. Only think is there is a grey bubble with “1” left over from before made change.