Apple always wants its users to stay up to date with the latest iOS version. Thus, they persisting users by showing an alert asking to update iOS. Most of the people like to get the latest updates, and some users find it irritating and wish to stop iOS update notifications on their iPhone or iPad.

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There are quite a couple of methods available to turn off iOS update notification. You can restrict it by deleting the update, postpone installation, install an update, and block to update. Let me show you all the ways to disable iOS software update notification on iPhone or iPad.

How to Turn Off iOS Update and Stop Notifications

How to Turn Off iOS Update Notification on iPhone and iPad

#1: Delete an Auto-Downloaded iOS Update

iPhone/iPad always auto downloads the latest version of iOS when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once download gets complete, it will start showing a notification to update an iOS. Deleting that auto-downloaded iOS version can help to stop seeing a notification. Have a look at the method to remove auto-downloaded iOS update.

Step #1. Go to the Settings, and then tap on General.

Go to the Settings, and then tap on General

Step #2. Next, Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage → Manage Storage.

Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap on Manage Storage

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Step #3. Now, tap on latest iOS update and then tap on ‘Delete Update‘ to remove it.

Tap on latest iOS update and then tap on Delete Update to remove it

#2: Block/Filter Apple Servers on Internet Router

There are always possibilities that once you delete auto-downloaded iOS, the device will download it again once you connect your iPhone/iPad to a Wi-Fi network. The best way to prevent from this is it to block Apple servers paths by adding them to a filter list on a network router. This procedure will impact on all iOS devices which are connected to the same network. So do not apply this method if any of your family members want to download the latest version.

Follow below steps to update servers to the blocking list. Keep in mind that every router has a different process, so we suggest to read Router manual to find IP or path filter option.

Step #1. Go to your Router login page from the browser. (The page address can be different from different routers).

Step #2. Log in with your authorization. Normally usernames and passwords in routers are same which is ‘admin.’

If you are not able to log in, you need to ask your Internet Service Provider for the details and then log in.

Step #3. Find URL Filtering or Blocking Section and add following domains to the list.


Step #4. Click on Save.

This will permanently disable iOS software update notifications. When you feel you want to restart the notifications you can revisit this procedure and delete the domains we mentioned above from URL Filtering List.

#3: Postpone the iOS update

Well, you can also strike the iOS update for 24 hours if you want to do it later. If you are sure to delay the process of installing an iOS update, then you will have to press the “Later” and “Remind me later”. Once you apply this option, you will get the same alert after 24 hours of interval.

#4: Install the iOS update

If you do not want to go through all above-mentioned methods, then you can accept and install the latest iOS update. That’s what Apple wants. If you have a proper Wi-Fi network and enough time to get the update, then it would be a good idea to install the update and get rid on annoying iOS update alert.


Well, we hope you are now totally aware of how to turn off the iOS update and stop notifications on iPhone or iPad by following the above procedures with ease. Do let us know how you like this tutorial here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.