Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Features

Although the most advanced PlayStation console is yet to arrive but we have got some of the important information about its specifications, price, and features. The most interesting news about the PlayStation 4 Pro is that it will have a 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) gaming but it will not play 4k Blu-ray discs!

The first ever look at this console was released in June when it was named ‘Neo’. Now it has got the official name which is PlayStation 4 Pro. The price of this new interesting gadget will be $399 and it will be available from 10th November. Apart from this Sony has also announced that it will release a new non-Pro PlayStation 4 which will be known as PlayStation 4 Slim and it will come with a price tag of $299. This Slim version of the PS 4 will be available from 15th of September itself. It is informed that all the PS4 games will be played in both new editions.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Features

The Pro version of PS4 will have the graphics of standard PS4 and as per Sony, it will improve the looks of the existing games. The new console will have 1TB hard drive; which will double the capacity of the existing version and it will have a faster processor as well. The PS4 Pro will have the support of 4K resolution which will enable Netflix and YouTube apps streaming of 4K video at launch. Although there is still no answer from Sony regarding whether it will have a support of its own Ultra 4K streaming app.

The most surprising and probably disappointing part of the announcement is that the new PS4 will not play Blu-ray discs, something which its rival Xbox One S can play. This is certainly a surprising act by Sony because it is the biggest source of the Blu-ray discs.

Show the effectiveness of its new PlayStation 4 Pro

To show the effectiveness of its new PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony displayed different scenes from a variety of games it is offering including Deux Ex: Mankind Divided and Watch Dogs 2. Sony also showed the impact of HDR gaming with a demo of Days Gone and also of InFamous: First light. The highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda also got an exclusive preview as well.

Sony confirmed that the existing PS4 consoles will also get the HDR capability with the help of a next firmware update which will happen somewhere during the week of 12th September. It is believed that since the PS4 works only on 1080p resolution and non-4K TVs don’t support HDR the update is only intended to cater the owners of 4K HDR TV who want HDR gaming but they don’t want to buy a Pro version of it.

All in all, it seems that Sony has taken the gaming seriously and it wants to push it harder than its rivals. What is your opinion about this new gaming console which is expected to arrive soon? Do let us know in the comments below or onĀ Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.