Why one buy a VR headset like Google Daydream? Because they want to hear a crystal clear sound with the magical 3D visuals which are perfectly synced with each other. The other gadget you want to consider to buy with VR Headset is to have a Bluetooth headphone, so you don’t need to deal with wires spread around you and harming you to move with ease.

Solution to Google Daydream Bluetooth Headphone

The Problem

But, it is unfortunate that Bluetooth headphones have their own problems, and they don’t work well with VR. Although listening to Google Daydream is not that bad or impossible as it may sound. What makes the best hearing from Google Daydream R is the immersion. If you can hear a perfect sound which helps you to play the game in its best way possible, then that is the best immersion you have.

The Reason

Sometimes you don’t find that sync in Bluetooth headsets because you might be ignoring the warnings while watching Netflix on VR headsets or even HBO for that matter. So, what happens that either or both Video or Audio go haywire. So the suggestion is not to use a Bluetooth headphone while you are on Google Daydream, unless and until you have the best quality Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX in your hands.

The Solution

The best solution one can have for this problem is to have wired headphone set rather than throwing more money after buying expensive Google Daydream VR headsets. Yes, Bluetooth headphones look cool and can give you comfort from wires, but they are till now not at par with wired headphones. First, try and get a wired headphone set for Google Dream VR and then make sure that it has a lowest possible latency so that the lag is eliminated.

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