Just last year Snapchat introduced Snapchat Spectacles. You can do plenty of interesting things with Snapchat Spectacles, and now Snap Inc. is coming with an idea of drone with which the fun can be doubled. It is very much clear that Snap Inc. wants to establish itself as a camera company and to plan a drone has not come as any surprise for those who are aware of this fact.

What can surprise many is the timing of this news because Snapchat is hitting the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow with its IPO and the IPO is expected to value more than $20 million. Whether the latest development will influence the stock price of Snap Inc. or not will only come to know at a later date.

Reports Suggest that Snapchat is Busy Working on Drones

The reports suggest that Snapchat is ‘planning’ to manufacture drone doesn’t mean that there is a fixed date for the launch. Drone are used to capturing high-quality pictures and videos from the places where the normal access is not possible. But when it comes to Snapchat most of such theories are shown the door. It is learned that Snapchat wants to make these drone for fun purpose just like Snapchat Spectacles.

At the end of the day, one can make a conclusion that the Snapchat is targeting its upcoming product, the drones that are, to be available to the masses and especially to those who are ‘drone enthusiasts.’ Because drone are the latest obsession for many across the world, one can easily conclude that Snapchat’s latest endeavor can’t be ruled out for getting far-fetched results.

The history suggests that Snapchat always comes up with something different than the rest of the social media platforms. If we don’t go further the Snapchat app itself is quite a revolution. It will be interesting to see what revolutionary changes we are going to witness when the Snapchat drone arrive (or land) in the market.

Exciting times are certainly ahead on Snapchat front.