Apple Watch series 2

Apple watch series 2 comes with some good up-gradation and it is concentrating more on fitness and health. Moreover, it comes with GPS which allows you to track your running without having to carry your iPhone everywhere.

Interested in swimming? No issues, the new series 2 is totally waterproof and you can definitely take it to the pool. The company is trying to improve and rectify its previous mistakes with Apple watch series 2 by trying to make it more interactive on daily basis.

Many users may argue that series 2 is not the best, but you cannot ignore the features it has to offer you. When it comes to price you can easily save good amount just by making use of Currys discount vouchers from while shopping.

Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch comes with an impressive screen with AMOLED display. It is the first of the kind from the company and must say the best one till date as an Android wear. The smooth finish and sleek look is definitely gaining it the market.

Samsung Gear S2

Whether it is about the looks or the functions, you can definitely opt for Samsung Gear S2 for its slick looks and fine rotating bezel. The Gear S2 comes with GPS feature for which it turns out to be a bit costly.

Still, if you are happy without that, go for its standard version. Last but not the least, if you have a Samsung smartwatch, Samsung Gear S2 will be your good choice.

Sony SmartWatch 3

If you are looking for a cheaper and affordable wrist wearable gadget then Sony SmartWatch 3 is just right for you. The watch comes with built-in GPS connectivity, which gives you the leisure to leave it at home if you want. You can find the collection that fits your sporting style while the steel edition helps you set the class.

Tag Heuer Connected

If there is no money restraint then nothing can beat the classic collection from Tag Heuer Connected. They are high in quality with an Intel touch. The watch looks just like any regular Tag Heuer collection, but when you take a close look you can find what it has to offer you.

Garmin Viviactive HR

If you are a sportsperson then Garmin smart watch collection can be definitely a good addition to your fitness regime. You can now track your heart beat and know how much calories you have burned throughout the day.

Like its predecessor, you can easily track your daily activities with the 24*7 activity tracker. A number of fitness apps for swimming, running, cycling and other sports activities are present in the smart watch. Better battery life, GPS connection and facility to add more apps are its plus points.

Polar M600

Polar M600 is definitely an Android Wear, but firstly it is a polar running watch. You can track your running as well as your workout sessions. Again, the GPS run tracking on the watch as well as statistics and metrics make it the best app for running.

The SmartWatch industry is flourishing and so you will soon find some new addition to the list. You may never know what all new things they may have to offer you. But you will always have this opportunity to get your favorite smart-watch at a discounted rate from Dealslands.

Till then, just go through this list and choose the right smartwatch that satisfies your needs.