Google has added Smart Lock trusted face function on its Android operating system to secure Android phone rather than a passcode, pattern, and PIN lock. It is primarily designed to add one more extra layer of protection to keep the data safe from being stolen or hacked. However, sometimes Smart lock trusted face is not working on Android Oreo when try to unlock the device.

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Mostly, the smart lock is not working on OnePlus 5, Galaxy S8, S7, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and Nexus 6P/5X devices. Numerous users on different forums have reported the issue and they also claimed that the smart lock is not working devices running Android Nougat, Marshmallow, or lollipop. In this tutorial, we provide you some possible solutions to fix the Smart Lock not working issue on your Android phone running Oreo.

Smart Lock Not Working on Android Oreo

How to Fix Smart Lock Not Working on Android Oreo

Well, many users have complained that the smart lock is missing on Android Oreo. If you are one of them, then you will need to go through the process set up facial recognition on Android Oreo. After the setup, if you realize that smart lock is not working, then go ahead to fix it.

Solution #1: Improve Face Matching

Once you have enabled smart lock on your Android Oreo device, it worked fine for a month. Well, after some time, if the smart lock suddenly stops working then maybe the device is not able to recognize your face because of the bearded face or clean face and because of the low light environment. So, let’s try to improve face matching!

Step #1. Go to Settings on your Android Oreo.

Open Settings on Android Oreo Running PhoneStep #2. Next, tap on “Security & fingerprint”.

Tap on Security & fingerprint in Android OreoStep #3. Now tap on “Smart lock”.

Tap on Smart Lock in Android OreoStep #4. Enter the PIN and press OK.

Enter your device PIN to continue in Android OreoStep #5. Next, Tap on Trusted face → Improve face matching and then tap on “Next” and keep your face under the circle to improve the face matching..

Tap on Trusted face and improve face matching on Android OreoStep #7. Once your face scanned completely, you will see the message with your face added.

Improve Facial Recognition on Android Oreo 8.0Now check that the smart lock is working fine or not. If not, then try the next process.

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Solution #2: Disable/enabled Smart Lock and Reboot

Let’s try another solution suggested by some OnePlus users. According to then, you need to disable Smart lock and then reboot your system and then enable it again.

Step #1. Go to Setting → Security & fingerprint.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on “Trust agents”.

Tap on Trust agents on Android OreoStep #3. Now switch toggle next “Smart Lock”.

Switch toggle next Smart Lock on Android OreoStep #4. Now reboot your device.

Step #5. Now Re-enable ‘Smart Lock’ in you Trust Agents under your security settings and get your device with a proper smart lock.

Solutions #3: Clear Trusted Face Caches & Data and Add your face again.

Maybe the trusted smart lock is not working because of the extensive amount of cache files stored. So, try to clear trusted face caches and data to fix the issue.

Step #1. Go to the Settings on your device.

Step #2. Tap on Apps → All Apps.

Step #3. Next, tap on the three-dots at the top right corner and tap on “Show System Apps”.

Tap on Show System Apps on Android OreoStep #4. Look for the “Trusted face” and tap on it.

Tap on Trusted face on Android OreoStep #5. Tap on Storage and then Clear Cache & Data.

Tap on Storage and Clear Trusted Face Cache and DataStep #6. Now go Settings → Security & fingerprint → smart lock → trusted face → Set up → Next and add your face.

Solution #4: Remove and add Trusted Face again

If you tried first two methods and still the smart lock is not working, then remove the trusted faces and add it again. So, go to Settings → Security & fingerprint → smart lock → trusted face → remove trusted face → Remove.

One you the trusted face is removed, then Settings → Security & fingerprint → smart lock → trusted face → Set up → Next and add your face. After adding the new trusted face, see the result whether Smart lock is working or not.

Good luck!

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Hope the smart lock is working fine on your Android Oreo smartphone after following above solutions. If you have found any trick to fix smart lock issue, then you can share with us in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.