Since I bought a new expensive Android phone, I had been in quest of increase download speed. Because when it comes to downloading my favorite songs, movies or games, I always wanted to download it as soon as possible. But, sometimes because of a weak network, slow mobile processor, storage and RAM, the download speed becomes slower as usual. At the time, We have listed a couple of methods to increase download speed in Android phone.

In this era of internet, your expensive smartphone is worthless if you don’t have the internet. People are now more hooked with the internet, and most of the mobile carriers are offering the 3G and 4G connection to download rapidly. However, lots of users are still bothering with the turtle-like download speed. Therefore, I have come to help through these few techniques to speed up download speed in Android phone. You just need to carefully follow given steps to boost your download speed. Let start!

How to Increase Download Speed in Android Phone

#1: Clear Android Web Browser Caches

On all mobile phones, caches file generally stored on your phone in each app you use most. It eats a lot of your device’s storage and slows down the performance of the phone as well as apps. Thus, you will need to clear caches regularly to improve the performance of your device. To clear caches, go to Settings → Apps and select the app you use most like UC Browser or Google Chrome. Once the app menu opened, find Clear Caches button and tap on it to remove all caches of the app. Do it regularly to maintain the download speed and system performance.

#2: Use ADM (Advanced Download Manager)

ADM is one of the most powerful downloader apps for Android. It allows you to download any three files at the same time from the internet with better speed. Personally, I found it very useful to maximize my downloading speed in Android. You also use some customization and advanced settings to use it more efficiently. To speed up your download speed, you need to do some settings as per below steps.

Step #1. First of download and install ADM app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Launch the app, tap on menu at the top left corner and tap on Download tab.

Step #3. Once you open the download tab, do settings as given below:

  • Set number of downloads – 3
  • Set number of threads – 9
  • Set the speed of download – MAX
  • Turn ON smart download

Step #4. Save the settings and start downloading your favorite files.

#3: Check 3G (WCDMA) or 4G (LTE) networks

Once you fed up with the unstable internet connection, you should check out that your network is set as 3G or 4G connectivity. Well, most of the areas in the world run on GSM, WCDMA, and LTE networks, so if you have recharged for the 3G or 4G packs, you should check Network first. To check the network, go to Settings → SIM & Networks and then enable 3G or 4G. In case if you have 2G internet pack, you will get the slight boost in your downloading speed.

#4: Use Signal Booster App to Boost Your Signal

There are lots of signal booster apps available on Google Play Store. But, which is the best internet signal booster app for Android to improve the download speed in Android phone. I have found a great app which works great to boost the signal and increase the downloading speed as well. The app called “WiFi | Mobile Network Speed.” It will show you a best WiFi network quality by signal strength as well as by interference and network load. The app will measure your network speed in real time. Download it now on your Android phone connect with the fastest Wi-Fi network.

#5: Restart your Android and Wi-Fi modem

Sometimes if you have not Restarted your mobile phone and Wi-Fi modem for a long time, it effects on the internet speed, connectivity, and performance of the device. There are lots of apps running on your Android phone for a long time, which can minimize the download speed by running in the background. Likewise, some medium quality modem cannot take much burden of higher data connection which results it provides lesser speed than they offers. Hence, in order to speed up your download speed in Android, try to restart your Android phone and Wi-Fi modem.
That’s all!


Of course, these methods will help you to boost your downloading speed in your Android phone. If you have any issue or have any other tricks to improve the download speed, then do not feel nervous tell us through the comments.