Siri, the voice assistant, was introduced by Apple with iOS 9 and Siri can be easily customized with iOS 10 as well. But with Apple Watch or Apple Watch Series 2 Siri can stop working and create the problems as well. Siri is meant to enhance the users’ experience and to deliver best search results. But as we said that doesn’t happen all the time, and we need to fix it.

The problems Siri can give you is like vibrating instead of sound or there is a problem with microphone, software command or even not a perfect matching between Apple watch and iPhone. There are number of solutions we have carved out to make Siri working again with perfection. So, let us see those solutions one after the other.

How to Fix Siri Not Working on Apple Watch or Apple Watch Series 2

Solution #1: Check your cellular or WiFi network. If the network is working well and still Siri is not working then look for the next solution.

Solution #2: Check whether Siri is enabled on your iPhone or not. If it is then paused it for a while and then re-enable it. For that follow this path: Go to Settings → General → Siri → Turn Siri On/Green.

Solution #3: Try unpair Apple watch by below mention steps.

Step #1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.

Step #2. Open Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #3. Now, tap on My Watch tab, then tap on Apple Watch

Step #5. Next, Tap on Unpair Apple Watch.

Step #6. Tap again and confirm.

Step #7. Enter Apple ID and Password if asked to disable Activation Lock.

Solution #4: Restart both your Apple Watch and iPhone and then pair your iPhone and Apple Watch again by following this method.

  • Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch till you see the Power Slider and then drag the slider on right side and turn off. When you are ready to turn it back. Press and hold the side button until you can see Apple logo.
  • You may even try forced restart by pressing and holding the side button and Digital crown together for 10 seconds till you get to see the Apple logo.

Solution #5: Try hard, and factory reset the Apple watch.

Solution #6: Check the religion and language on Apple Watch and iPhone and make sure both are same. For this you can follow this path: Go to Apple Watch app on iPhone → Tap on my Watch app → General → language and region.

Solution #7: Try and turn on the Airplane mode by going to home screen of Apple watch than to settings and the by pressing the airplane mode and turn it on.

We are sure that one of the seven solutions given above will certainly help you to get Siri back to work like it was previously on your Apple Watch or Apple Watch Series 2.

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