Voice assistants are gaining popularity these days. Right now iOS’ Siri is leading the way in digital voice assistant’s queue. Siri has gained popularity among the various iPhone and iPad users because of its fantastic efficiency. There are many alternatives to Siri on Android as well and those apps are also getting popular.

These Voice Assistants are here just to help you by listening to your search terms when you speak. This saves your time from typing and tapping. Because of these easy applications, voice assistants are becoming the thing of the day. We have brought five of the best Siri alternatives for Android which you can use to search things with utmost ease.

Siri Alternatives for Android

5 Best Siri Alternatives for Android Which Will Make Your Search Easy

#1. Google Now

Google Now Launcher Android AppGoogle is one of the best voice assistant we have for Android. It can match shoulder to shoulder with Siri. If you are using Android phone Google search app automatically is applied with the voice assistant, but Google has gone one step forward with Google Now. It has a number of features which included basic features plus advanced like anticipating your needs, activation from wherever you need to and also the best one of it which is called Google Now on Tap. The best part of Google Now is that it continuously gets updates from Google so your search becomes wider and easier by the passing day. A voice assistant app which is worth installing.

Download Google Now Launcher for Android

#2. Robin

Robin the Siri Challenger Android AppIf Siri is popular just because it can translate your voice into a search then she has a challenger in Android called Robin. It is a fast booting but light weight voice assistant you would like to have on your Android device for sure. When you tap on the icon of Robin on your smartphone it opens extremely fast. Although you may not like its interface, but still it doesn’t have a great impact on the app size. Robin can recognize many accents and you will find it extremely funny with the text searches.

Download Robin for Android

#3. Top Assistant

Top Assistant Android AppTop Assistant actually doesn’t work like Siri and it is not an orthodox voice assistant either, but it does its job diligently. If you need some multitasking every day then Top Assistant is meant for you only. If we take an example it can provide you a calculator if you work daily on a worksheet. It provides you a floating button which floats around your mobile screen and whenever you need a help you need to tap on it.

Download Top Assistant for Android

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#4. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC (Alice) Android AppThis is a simple and standard assistant which does it job with perfection. It will start choice of your app by speaking to it. Apart from that, you may also use voice commands to know the weather, time, calendar, reminders. You may even use it to solve your math problems. Know your sports news, stock news by using this assistant. Further, you can order to call, SMS, navigation, alarms and more.

Download AIVC for Android

#5. Andy

ANDY Voice Assistant Android AppThis voice assistant is specially made for the students. It works like Siri and when it comes to science and history, there is no match to Andy. Andy can help students with their homework which will be easier now than before. Students can take help of Andy to solve their math problems and also reasoning, philosophy, and logics. The only thing is that the free version has fewer features than the paid one. The quality in paid version is extraordinary, so we leave the choice to you.

Download Andy for Android


The intention was to bring some of the best alternatives for Siri on Android for you. We are sure about our choices, but if you too want to be the same then download the apps prescribed here one after the other. Once you are through all the apps you can drop in here again and give your views on them in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.