We all know how revolutionary this Google product is as you can get the best out of this smart speaker if you have the complete list of Google Home commands with you. As per the new announcement from Google, Google Home Assistant can now also help you to make payments with Google Home by placing orders through Google Express retailers.

As of now, there are over 50 such Google Express retailer available across the USA and the most notable retailers are Toys R Us, PetSmart, Staples, Guitar Center, Walgreens, Kohl’s and of course Google Play Store. In addition to our best Google Home tips and tricks, we are now going to know how you can set up payments with Google Home using Google Assistant with retailers above.

How to Set up Payment with Google Home using Google Assistant

How to Set up Payment and Shop with Google Home Using Google Assistant

Step #1. Launch Google Home app on your device.

Step #2. Now, Tap on the Menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner of the screen.

Step #3. Tap on the triangle beside the account name to make changes in your payment methods, if you wish to.

Step #4. Tap on ‘More settings’ and scroll down to find ‘Google account settings’ here tap on ‘Payments’ and then tap on ‘Get Started.’

Step #5. We advise that you read all the terms and conditions mentioned here before you move. If you have already set up payments for other Google service like YouTube, Google Play, You will also see the payments and your cards listed here. Once you are sure about everything just tap on ‘Next.’

Step #6. If you don’t have payment method saved then tap on ‘Add credit or debit card’ and add card details.

Step #7. Next, Fill your name and billing address and tap on any other payment method you wish to use and then tap on ‘Save.’

Step #8. Here you will have new and default payment method and tap on ‘Next.’

Step #9. If you wish to change your address then tap on ‘Add new address’ and after entering the details and tap on ‘Save’ and ‘Next.’

Step #10. Now let your Assistant recognize which Google Home device has the permission to take voice orders.

Note: If you have more than one Google Home devices then toggle the switch before each gadget to allow or disallow payments.

Once everything is set just say, “OK Google, how do I shop?” and let the Google Home know that you are now ready to shop.

As you can see, the entire process is so easy to understand just like how to play Netflix shows on your TV using Google Home.

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