Google first partnered with Samsung, Dell, and Acer for its Chromebook, but that time now seems to be a long way back. Since then Google has made sure that it gives you everything which you need to have in a Chromebook. But, today the new Samsung Chromebook has even risen the bar even then its high-end PCs and Macbooks, and it seems that it may derail their momentum as well.

Samsung new Chromebook is all set to give tough competition to Macbook

Samsung’s new Chromebook to detail Macbook

What excites us the most is that the upcoming Chromebook will now work as capable partners for Android apps as they will be expanding to Chromebook as well. In April we will see a Samsung Chromebook which will have 32GB storage with 4GB of RAM and the processor will be Intel Core m3-6y30. The best feature of this Samsung Chromebook will be the Quad HD2400 x 1600 LED display which is a big difference than Mac screen. It is just 0.55” thick and weighs less than 2.5 pounds so one can expect an easy portability.

Chromebook is the 360 degree hinge and the touch screen

Another exciting part of this Chromebook is the 360-degree hinge and the touch screen with an integrated pen slot. This means that you can now put the keyboard on facedown position and you can have the screen closer to you.

With such stunning features, the Chromebook are surely becoming the first alternatives to PC and will certainly give a tough competition in coming days.