Samsung made a huge loss due to its Note 7 debacle earlier this year. It took some time for Samsung to get back on its feet. A few months back Samsung’s Co-CEO JK Shin made a commitment that Samsung will do everything to win back its customers’ trust. The latest rumors published in Bloomberg suggests the same what Shin said just a few months ago. It is learned that Samsung is going to have an ‘all-screen’ design for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge smartphones. One more thing Bloomberg has added that in this ‘all-screen’ design there will not be any screen bezels for sure.

Just around the same time when Mr. Shin made the above-said commitment, Xiaomi launched its Mi Mix phone with all new all-screen design and it will be more than just a coincidence that Samsung is trying to emulate one of its rivals. The Bloomberg report is very much suggesting that the S8 from Samsung will be not coming with physical home button due to the new design. It is understandable to see Samsung making drastic changes not only because of Note 7 failure but also because the amount of success Google Pixel phones got in the last few months.

Apart from parting away from the physical home button, it is also expected that Samsung will also say goodbye to headphone jack as well and will start relying on USB C-port for sound. Bloomberg is also adding that Samsung is also building up a new voice assistant a-la Google and Apple but it will be “significantly different” than those two. This might excite the Samsung devotees as they are dying to give their favorite brand an edge after a huge loss it had in the recent past.

There will be few variants in an offer for Galaxy S8 which will be smaller than Galaxy S7. Galaxy S7 was 5.1 inches and S7 Edge was having 5.5-inch length, so one can expect a more compact phone from Samsung this time around. Other things on the hardware part it is also learned that Samsung Galaxy 8 will have a mixture of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 and Samsung’s very own Exynos line, hence one can safely say that S8 will be capable of running the desktop Photoshop in this Android enabled smartphone.

The other features of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge are understandably kept in the deepest closet possible but the expected date which was previously told as March 2017 may get back by a month at least as Samsung want to be extra sure, not to repeat mistakes it made with Galaxy Note 7 this year.

Exciting times ahead for gadget lovers for sure!