A report published on Reuters’ website suggests that a close corner of South Korean tech giant Samsung has confirmed that on January 23rd, the company will reveal the full investigation report on debacle behind Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The source has also revealed that the investigation has concluded that the battery was the main reason behind the explosions of Galaxy Note 7.

Last year after the sudden debacle of Galaxy Note 7 and its returns, Samsung’s co-CEO JK Shin confirmed that they will do anything to earn back their loyal customers’ trust and they are committed to doing just that. Remember, Samsung is already on the verge of rolling out its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and they probably need to show the commitment sooner rather than later which JK Shin promised last year. Revealing the investigation is just the right step forward in that direction only.

Samsung to Reveal Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Report on 23rd January

Even the investors and analysts are expecting that Samsung will provide a convincing and detailed explanation when they arrive with the investigation report. Analysts also saying that Samsung must also show blueprint on how such problems like Galaxy Note 7 will never happen again.

Singapore-based analyst Bryan Ma who works as researcher for IDC told Reuters, “They’ve got to make sure they come clean, and they’ve got to reassure buyers as to why this won’t happen again.”

Samsung’s head of mobile business Koh Dong-jin is likely to announce the investigation report before he announces the detailed fourth quarter earnings results. Dong-jin is also expected to explain what new measures his company has taken to prevent a similar problem in its future smartphones.

Samsung though has declined to comment officially on this news.