Samsung has seen almost 90 percent return ratios across the world for its biggest failure till date, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device. But strangely, people at home are not willing enough to return it for various reasons.

Sam Mobile, Samsung’s unofficial website has claimed that there are over 140,000 units of Galaxy Note 7 still active in South Korea only and still are being used as well.

Samsung May Soon Disable Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea

Samsung Contemplating Disabling Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea Like US

Just a few weeks back Samsung has started to disable Note 7 in the US and the UK to push the customers returning their gadgets. In Europe, the battery charge has been limited to mere 30 percent and in the US it has been remotely disabled via an instant update.

What fears Samsung that in its own backyard South Korea is the backlash from its own people if they disable the Note 7 as the selling was too huge. But today in a press release Samsung has confirmed that they are considering that the battery charge should be limited via a software update so that they can push customers for a return which should touch at least 90 percent, matching the global ratio.

The largest mobile carrier in South Korea, SK Telecom customers will be the first ones to get the disabling update and later LG Uplus and KT will also follow the suit. The exchange program of Galaxy Note 7 has also been thought out and that should continue until the end of January 2017.

Samsung is already in process of launching its new flagship smartphone Galaxy 8 by the end of April next year once the MCW 2017 gets over in Barcelona. The said launch has been predicted to be held in New York in a gala event. Samsung has suffered a huge setback due to the grand failure of Galaxy Note 7 and it is committed now to gain the faith of its customers back. The disablement of Note 7 is one of those steps Samsung has taken to restore its loyal customer’s faith.