As we all are aware that Samsung has recently opened a beta program which was to test its forthcoming Gear Manager for iOS. We were also aware that Samsung’s Gear S2 will surely work with the iPhone.

Well, we are till now not sure that whether Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier will also be able to work with iPhone or not. Well, now you can remove your doubts because Samsung has confirmed at a press event held on 31st August that its latest smartwatches will also work with iPhone without any doubt.

Samsung confirms its New Gear S3 Smartwatch will Support iPhone

Although, there is no timeframe has been provided by Samsung Mobile but what is said by its representative has been widely publicized all over. These new S3 watches carry a built-in GPS, bigger batteries with the same hardware and refined industrial design. What is different with Frontier is that it will offer an optional LTE connectivity.

As per a luxury Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa, Gear S3 has sought to integrate the tradition and technology and thus it has brought the most immensely intelligent smartwatch one can ever imagine. As per Arpa, the big watch face has been inspired from the styles coming out from the most premium watch brands from around the world .Yvan Arpa was extensively involved in the design process of Gear S3.

One thing we need to note here is that Samsung is yet to release the Gear Manager app for iOS which will require for sure when the Gear S3 will be released.

The shipping of Gear S3 is expected to start later this year.

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