iTunes is one of the essential software pieces for iOS users. Every day, you need to sync your iOS device with iTunes to take a backup, download apps, or update the latest iOS version. Since there is so much dependence on the iTunes, the software has to run smoothly. At the same time, users have to keep iTunes updated regularly. However, iTunes faces a lot of issues and errors.

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This obviously paralyzes users to connect their iOS devices to the iTunes. Moreover, you find yourself helpless when you get iTunes error messages like “iTunes could not connect to iPhone“, “iTunes won’t sync with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch“, “iTunes suddenly stopped working, crashes or becomes unresponsive” etc. In this situation, you wish you had access to a one-stop solution; software that can fix all the problems.

Thankfully, iMyFone has come up with a reliable solution in TunesFix. The software is a complete package that can troubleshoot multiple issues of iTunes. If you want to count the number of iTunes issues TunesFix can solve, here are they:

  • iTunes could not connect to iPhone
  • iTunes won’t sync with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iTunes suddenly stopped working, crashes or becomes unresponsive
  • iTunes failed to update, install or uninstall on a Windows PC
  • iTunes was not properly installed on a Windows machine
  • iTunes won’t open due to missing Application Support
  • iTunesHelper is not installed correctly
  • iTunes could not backup or restore iPhone data
  • iTunes is showing unknown error messages or notification

TunesFix can repair and fix all the above (and more) iTunes errors and issues. All you need to do is to make a little effort to connect your iOS device to your Windows computer, which has TunesFix installed. The best part of TunesFix is that it can identify the issue by itself and give you the hassle-free solutions. Another notable feature of TunesFix is that it helps users clean iTunes and free up hard disk space through its Quick Clean and Deep Clean Features. And the software gives you a better way to uninstall iTunes.

Let’s now delve into some key features of TunesFix.

iMyFone TunesFix for Windows

Review: iMyFone’s TunesFix for Windows

As mentioned above, TunesFix automatically diagnoses iTunes issues and supplies the related solutions. In addition to this, the software repairs all iTunes unknown errors and issues without a hassle and the issues include connection, update, slow performance, restoring data, data backup, and other issues.

Without losing your data, the software can fix issues with a single click. For a smooth run of your iOS device, TunesFix can clean iTunes in one place, like media, old backups, used updates, cache, and other junk data. Last but not the least, it can uninstall iTunes and component software without any error.

How to Fix iTunes Issues Using TunesFix from iMyFone

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Once you download TunesFix on your Windows computer, follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Double-click on iMyFone TunesFix on your computer.

Note that the software will automatically detect your iTunes. In case your iTunes doesn’t have any issue, the software will show you its Home interface. And if your iTunes has some issues, TunesFix will show you the details. In this case, you need to click ‘Repair’ button to start fixing the issue.

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Step #2: On the home interface, you will find seven different options to fix your iTunes. There are boxes and each square box functions in its own way.

Option To pick

The solutions offered by TunesFix are Quick Clean, Deep Clean, Full Uninstall, Repair iTunes Connect Issues, Fix iTunes Install/Update Issues, Repair Backup/Restore Errors, and Fix Other iTunes Problems.

Step #3: Now you need to click on Repair button to fix the related issue. Remember, you need a strong Internet connection while the software is fixing the issue.


The software will fix the iTunes issue automatically.

Quick Clean

It quickly cleans your iTunes. Just one click to release iTunes space and optimize iTunes performance.

Deep Clean

This function deeply cleans your iTunes. It will clean all iTunes data and also backups created by third-party apps and software.

Full Uninstall

It will uninstall iTunes completely. This action will remove iTunes from your computer and other related software components from your PC. This can also delete user data like iTunes media, backups, update junk files and more.

Repair iTunes Connect Issues

This will solve issues like ‘iTunes cannot recognize your iOS device for error OxE’, invalid response, missing value, and other unknown errors.

Fix iTunes Install/Update Issues

When you install or update iTunes, you face some issues like iTunes/Helper was not installed properly, service failed to start, an installer has insufficient privileges etc. You can fix all these issues by clicking on ‘Fix iTunes Install/Update Issues’.

Repair Backup/Restore Errors

In case you have an issue while backing up your phone data or restoring the backup, you can use this function to repair backup and restore errors.

Fix Other iTunes Problems

This will optimize the iTunes performance if your iTunes runs abnormally or you want to have a better experience with your iTunes.

Enough of the goodie-goodie stuff! There can be some dark sides of the software, right?

I could find only two cons of TunesFix: You have to pay for it. But then the software gives so much to you that you would be ready to pay the price, which will not make a hole in your pocket. Second, it doesn’t fix the issue ‘iTunes cannot read the contents’.

Barring the two drawbacks, TunesFix is your best partner to fix more than 100 iTunes errors.

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