The smartphone has become my greatest companion. From letting me watch movies, communicate with friends, manage my task to track my fitness, the smartphone has indeed come a long way. Such a tremendous asset needs an ultra-advanced file manager not just to offer you immaculate control but also provide the desired comfort to keep the entire house well-organized; doesn’t it?

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I have used quite a lot of useful file manager apps on my smartphone or tablet. Though most of them did succeed in doing a fair job, they lacked excellent features. To me, an advanced file manager has to be not just feature-rich but also exceptionally easy-to-use. From both perspectives, most of them just failed to live up to my expectation.

Review of File Expert an Android App

review of file expert android app

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While looking for a futuristic file manager, I stumbled upon—“File Expert.” Lashed with plenty of defining features, the file explorer had an instant impression on me. But, does it have enough to be a versatile file manager app?

Top-Notch Performance

File Expert file manager app is equipped to access and manage files in several locations such as sdcard, external sdcard, cloud services, SMB, FTP, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS, USB OTG as well as system internal flash in case your smartphone is rooted. It’s this ability that sets this file explorer apart from the rest.

Private Cloud

What I like most about File Expert is that it provides you the option to create your private cloud center at your office or home. It’s a very significant feature that provides you more freedom to manage your files with optimum convenience. Better still, it supports Windows, MacOS X, and Linux operating system.

private cloud

There are some major advantages of having your private cloud. As for instance, files stored on your PC will be a lot safer than the public clouds. Follow simple 3 steps and you can setup a private cloud and access files quickly on your mobile, tablet or other devices no matter where you are.

Private Cloud has been readied to provide you the much needed safeguard as well as privacy to your personal files.

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Cloud Media

“Cloud Media” has indeed won me over.

Boasting of the built-in video and music player with stunning network streaming feature, this new age file explorer can keep you thoroughly entertained. You can stream video & MP3 from cloud service or NAS. It supports all network protocol including HTTP, FTP, SMB, WebDAV and Chromecast. It is compatible with floating window play as well.

cloud media

Being extremely fond of music and funny videos, I love Cloud Media. It brings tons of fun into the play. I bet, you are going to like it a lot.

Supremely Advanced App Manager

File Expert comes with a built-in advanced App manager. You can easily install, or uninstall. It lets you backup or auto backup apps when installing/ unstalling effortlessly.

It has a multi-thread and resumable downloader which supports offline download to GCloud.

Search Files Quickly

More often than not I have to search specific files. At times, I seem to forget the real name of the files. As a result, it takes plenty of occasions in searching a particular file.

File Expert allows you to browse files with utmost ease. Making the most of the fast search feature, you can search files in traditional tree hierarchy or by its categories or via last modified date.

Batch File Rename

There are times when I have to rename files to either find them easily or give them a more suitable name. But, renaming files one by one becomes a tedious task.

With this file manager, I don’t have to spend a lot of time in renaming files. The “Batch file rename” feature makes it amazingly simple.

File Converter

File Expert is a terrific file converter. You can convert Word doc, Excel xls, and PowerPoint ppt pptx to PDF with ease.

Support Several Languages

This file explorer supports several languages including Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Price and Availability

Despite being such an incredibly feature-rich file manager app, File Expert is available for free. You can download and install it on your Android device from Google Play.

The Verdict

File Expert excels in delivering the unmatched performance. There are some features like “Private Cloud,” “Cloud Media” and the ability to let you manage your files perfectly that stand it out from the rest.

“If you are hunting for an innovative file manager app to let you have immaculate control over files, you shouldn’t look beyond File Expert.”

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