Echo Show, the newest voice assistant gadget from Amazon is witnessing great success since its launch across various countries. Powered by Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa, the device lets you browse YouTube videos, control smart home devices, watch video flash briefings and make video and voice calls. When a device comes with such high-tech features, it is possible that it may face certain operational issues.

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If you start facing trouble with your Echo Show or your device becomes unresponsive, do not panic! You need to reset your Echo Show device to resolve the problem. You may also have to reset your Echo Show when you want to sell it to somebody. Make note that, you should not reset your Echo Show while setting it up for the first time.

How to Reset Amazon Echo ShowHow to Reset Amazon Echo Show?

Before resetting, try restarting it once to see if it resolves your problem. To reset your device, follow the below steps:

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Step #1. Select the Settings option by swiping down from the top of the Echo Show screen or command the device by saying “Go to Settings”.

Step #2. Go to Device Options.

Step #3. From the options, select “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

You are done!

This will erase all the settings and personal information from your Amazon Echo Show. You will now be asked to set up your device from scratch to use it further.

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Follow these steps when you have tried all means and ways to awaken your unresponsive device. However, remember that resetting your device should be your last resort. How has your experience been so far with this intelligent device? Do let us know in the comments or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.