iWork is Apple’s mobile office and productivity suite for iPhone and iPad. It’s just like Microsoft office with which you can comprise pages like the word, manage and calculate a number like as spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentation.

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Real Time Collaboration for iWork


Today, Apple announced real-time collaboration for iWork. This feature of iWork will allow multiple users to work simultaneously on individual documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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Apple has demonstrated this real-time collaboration of iWork at Apple Event where Apple team was working simultaneously, editing text, images, and animating the documents in real-time on their iPhone and iPad.


iWork has a public and private mode to edit and view document. Google Docs already have these features, and Apple has introduced latterly this year. The difference is, Apple has added classrooms, which will make the whole iWork app more useful for students.

Hoping for the best to see more features of iWork.

(Images Credit : TheVerge)