WhatsApp’s reading receipts with two blue ticks mark is useful for those who want to check his/her friend has read your message or not. Well, many of us believed that it is a good addition. But, sometimes people come across the scenario when they regret to read certain messages and feel that sender should not know whether they have read message. Well, now don’t need to worry! You can read WhatsApp messages and it won’t blue ticks to sender.

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That is possible and with the simple hack you can disable feature and sender will not get idea that you read his/her message or not. There are four different tricks to disable read reciepts in WhatsApp on Android. Let view them one by one.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Showing Read on Android

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But then you can’t close your WhatsApp forever or even keep your smartphone off because there could be an important message waiting to come. So what is the cure? Well, there are in fact four sure cures for this problem and we are sure that once you start using it you will not feel scared about how you can hide the fact that you have already read the message without showing read on Android device.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Blue Ticks or showing read on Android

#1. Go to Airplane Mode

Whenever you receive a message from your contact and you don’t want him to know that you have read this message then just activate an Airplane Mode on your Android smartphone. You can activate it via dropping the menu shed from above your Android smartphone screen or just go to settings. Once the Airplane Mode is activated go to the WhatsApp app and read the message. Don’t forget to close the WhatsApp app before turning off an Airplane mode.

Go to Airplane Mode on Android

#2. Deactivate WhatsApp Read Receipts

This is a permanent solution to the problem, we are addressing right now. Normally when you install WhatsApp on your newly purchased Android smartphone, the ‘Read Receipt’ feature is ON by default. So you need to follow the path given below to deactivate it.

Launch WhatsApp on your Phone → Go to Settings → Tap on ‘Privacy’ → Uncheck the ‘Read receipts’ option.

Deactivate Read Receipts in WhatsApp on Android

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As we said above that this is a permanent solution so use it only if you wish to get rid of this feature forever. One more thing you need to remember here is that once you close Read receipts feature in your phone, you will also not be able to get Read receipts from your sent messages to all of your contacts, so be wise before using this trick.

#3. Use WhatsApp Pop-up Notifications

This is another option for not to let the sender know that you have already read his message. Just follow the path given below and activate Pop-up notifications. You can activate this feature for group messages as well.

Launch WhatsApp app → Settings → Notifications → Popup Notifications → Select Only when screen “off”

Use WhatsApp Pop-up Notifications on Android

Now what will happen is, that when your Android smartphone is in rest mode and if you receive a message from your contact you will see a popup appearing on your screen. You can read or check the entire message or any number of messages you want to check. The best part of it that by checking message from popup you will not let your contact know that you have seen his message and not only that you won’t be seen ‘Online’ to him either. One more thing you need to remember here that you won’t be able to check pics, GIFs or Videos from notifications but just in case if you wish you can directly reply from the notification itself.

#4. Place WhatsApp widget on the home screen

This trick is almost similar to the above one. Just drag the WhatsApp widget to your Android smartphone’s home screen and whenever you receive a message, you will get a glimpse of what kind of message you have received. Remember reading a message from widget doesn’t open the WhatsApp app and hence your contact will not get the notification. Just like the last trick over here also you won’t be able to check pictures, GIFs and videos as well.

Place WhatsApp widget on the home screen on Android Phone


So, this is how you can keep yourself away from letting your sender know that you have read his message on WhatsApp. These tricks are pretty simple to learn and apply so you can use them comfortably.

Tell us how these tricks are working for you? Your feedbacks are welcome on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and even here in the comments section.