At times when you look at the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S8, you might get confused on which case you should buy. When there is any confusion around you, you should always trust on known brands.

One would hardly disagree with the fact that there can be no other brand than Spigen which can provide you the best case among the best. By keeping this fact in mind, here we are with five of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases from Spigen.

While selecting these cases, we made sure that we give you different types of cases so that you get the choice among the best cases. So all these five cases are different in nature from each other. Although these cases are different, they have one aim in common which is to give complete protection to your smartphone.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases From Spigen

Spigen Cases
Heavy Duty Case With Kickstand
Wallet Case
Bumper Case
Card Holder Case
Clear Case

#1. Heavy Duty Case with Kickstand

When you are extremely worried about the protection of your Samsung Galaxy S8, you must get a heavy duty case. When you get heavy duty case from a trusted manufacturer like Spigen with an added advantage of the kickstand, then feel yourself lucky. When you are apprehensive about the protection of your Samsung Galaxy S8, you must get a heavy duty case. When you get heavy duty case from a trusted manufacturer like Spigen with an added advantage of a kickstand, then feel yourself lucky.

Features of Heavy Duty Case

  • The body of this case is a mixture of TPU and PC.
  • TPU will feel soft, and PC will keep the scratches away.
  • For hands-free viewing of movies and videos, there is an inbuilt kickstand.
  • This case is MIL-Grade certified for Air Cushion Technology on all corners.

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#2. Wallet Case

The Spigen Wallet case exclusively made for Samsung Galaxy S8 is having two attractive colors, like black and coffee brown. For all those professionals who always like to leave the impression should look for this case as it carries many important things along with your smartphone and not to forget the safety aspect as well.

Features of Wallet Case

  • The wallet case is made from premium synthetic leather
  • There is an extra embedded TPU casing for further protection.
  • You can add three credit or debit cards, ID, license or visiting cards.
  • Fold the flip, and it will become a kickstand to get hands-free comfort.
  • The magnetic strap will keep everything intact.

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#3. Bumper Case

Spigen bumper cases are not only most popular cases among all, but they are special as well. Special, because bumper cases absorb any shock or bump easily and thus along with scratch protection bumper case also gives total protection to your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8.

Features of Bumper Case

  • Despite having dual layers of TPU and PC, this case is extremely slim.
  • Because of the slim design it fits your smartphone well and adds zero bulk to it.
  • Precise cuts allow you to access all the buttons and ports.
  • Four bumpers on all four corners will absorb the shock but will distribute evenly between them to give your phone ultimate protection.

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#4. Card Holder Case

We just saw a wallet case above, and now we are going to look at a special Card Slot Holder case from Spigen made exclusively for your Samsung Galaxy S8.This case gives security to your smartphone but also offers a space where you can save your cards.

Features of Card Holder Case

  • Another Spigen case with a dual layer protection from scratches and shocks.
  • There is a slot at the back where you can store at least two cards easily.
  • The raised lips of this case will make sure that your phone’s camera and screen remain protected from scratches arise from the surface.
  • The bumpers on all four corners for additional protection.

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#5. Clear Case

Take a look at this crystal clear case from Spigen which will keep the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S8 going always. With four air cushions on four corners of the case, your smartphone is entirely secured from any amount of drop or shocks.

Features of Clear Case

  • Air cushions are made from hybrid technology makes this case even more trustworthy.
  • Slim and bright profile adds value to the looks of your smartphone.
  • The case has passed MIL grade test hence you can purchase it without keeping any doubt in your mind.

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We are sure that you liked our initiative to bring exclusive Spigen cases made just for your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Do let us know which case ultimately became your choice from the list above.

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