If you are here, you already faced the problem. When you play the game on PS4, suddenly no lights no connection, USB charging doesn’t work, and your PS4 controller seems like dead. These all are an indicator that your PS4 controller is not charging properly. Well, before going to order the new one, you should try some simple solution to get rid of the PS4 controller not charging problem.

How to Fix the PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue

Solution #1: Buy PS4 charging station

When your PS4 controller is not charging and seems dead, then it is possible that your USB cable is not working properly. It might be the fault of your USB, and then I suggest you buy a new PS charging station. You can charge your PS4 controller via ports on the end of the controller by ignoring with USB. It will cost you around $15-$25.

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Solution #2: Resetting the PS4 controller

Resetting is the answer to every problem on every device. So why don’t you try in this situation? Our second suggest to reset the PS4 controller. You can reset the PS4 controller quickly from the back side of the controller. There is a small dent place next to the right screen of the device. Now take a small pin and press that indent down for a few seconds and then plug in the charger to see that it works.

Solution #3: Replace batteries

There is another reason of PS4 charging won’t charge is your device’s batteries may lose their charge after using it for a long time. Try replacing the dead batteries with the rechargeable batteries to go back to your favorite gameplay.

Solution #4: Switch the charging port

There is also possibilities that your PS4 controller is not charging because of charging port is faulty and may not charge when connected to the PS4 gaming console. There is a chance that your device’s port gets faulty because of continually plug in and out the charger. So out suggestion is to switch the port to continue in the game.

Solution #5: Check charging cable

You should also check charging cable once to make sure that the cable is not broken. You can test the cable to connect with another device to see that your charging cable is working properly. You can borrow the charging cable from your friends to see the exact fault of not charging PS4 controller.

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Have you got the perfect solution to fix the PS4 controller not charging issue? If yes, you can share your opinion with us in the comments.